The Witcher 3 Tower Full of Mice quest walkthrough (2023)


This quest is automatically acquired after completing the side quest "An Invitation from Keira Metz".

After leaving Keira, you need to get to the quest marker. It is located on the island of Fyke, the island that is right in the middle of the largest lake in southern Velen. If you've never ventured there, you can reach this island by sailing boat.

Upon arrival on the island, you should be warned that there are a lot of monsters here - especially Rotfiends, Drowners and Ghouls. Our ultimate goal is to reach the large circular settlement area seen on the east side of the island, its main gate is on the south side of the perimeter wall. Make your way through the trees and swampy area until you reach the fortress gates.

Near the gates you will most likely be attacked by a group of 4-6 ghouls, there is a water witch in the water area inside the fort walls. Kill them all and make sure you have your magic lamp equipped. In this area we have an optional objective to use this key element to find ghosts in and around the tower.

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There are some ghosts that we can find outside the tower itself. They can be found in the following locations:

  • Among the trees east of the gate leading to the fort.
  • Behind the main building, opposite the gate.

Now we must go into the tower itself and find out what happened. Enter the tower through the door at the top of the stairs opposite the gate. Once inside, activate Witcher Sense and explore it. You can check the following:

  • Axes and knives on the ground.
  • Dead rats on the floor.
  • Bloodstain by the fireplace.

You can also light your magic lamp on a genie in this room. There is also a door that leads to the basement, which contains two chests that we can loot and another ghost that can be observed here.

Go back to the first floor and go up to the second. Upon reaching the second floor, you can see another ghost in front of the fireplace upon entering.

Climb up to the third floor and exit through the door in front of you to reach an observation deck - here's a chest with a bunch of goodies for you! Inside, look at the two bedrooms here. The right room has a genie that we can observe with the magic lamp, while the left one has a chest (which contained a blueprint: Bremervoord Blade in my game).

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Go upstairs to the next level, loot the chest in the corner, and go up the next set of stairs to the fifth floor. When you arrive, your objectives will update. Activate Witcher Sense and you will be able to inspect:

  • Scratches on the floor next to the wall in the top left corner of the stairs.
  • Handprint on the wall by a lever to the left of the bed.
  • Handprint on the wall by a lever to the right of the bed.

Pull the left lever to open a secret door. Enter and follow the passage to the hidden laboratory.

There's a ghost here, but loot the lab before looking - there's a chest by the door we entered and another one up the stairs on an observation deck, loot for some good stuff (Manuscript Page: Enhanced Mondstaub and Manuscript Page : Element Oil).

While we're here, you can also use our Witcher Senses to explore the lab if you like. You can check the following:

  • The bodies in barrels in space.
  • Potion bottle on the ground near where the ghost was.
  • Document - Mage Alexander's Log 1 on the table to the left of the ghost.
  • Document - Mage Alexander's Log 2 on the shelf inside the front door.

When ready, activate the magic lamp and approach the genie and talk to him here. During the conversation, you can do one of two things:

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  1. Option 1 - Help Annabelle
  2. Option 2 - Don't help Annabelle

Option 1 - Help Annabelle

After a short cutscene, your objectives will update and you will receive the quest item Annabelle's Remains.

We need to take them to an NPC named Graham. Graham lives in Oreton, which is on the lakeshore north of Fyke Island. He goes to his house and talks to the man who is knocking on his door. Once he leaves, interact with the door to talk.

Pass the bones during the conversation and leave when the conversation is over. After the conversation, he goes back to Keira's hut and gives her the good news. The mission will be completed.

Now that we're done here, move on to the next quest: A Favor for a Friend.

Option 2 - Don't help Annabelle

This option can be accomplished by choosing the "I don't trust you" conversation option or saying here that you need to look around and try to leave the Stronghold without talking to her again.

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When trying to exit the first floor tower, it will appear and attack you. It will also cause the mice in the area to become hostile. Kill her and hit her as well and after a short fight she will flee through the door.

Here, in the water surrounding the fortress, you must fight a boss: a pest.

boss: party

The Pesta is quite similar to a Wraith, but with much more health. She can perform some very quick slam attacks and some normal melee attacks, both of which also poison Geralt if they hit. She will summon a swarm of insects that will follow Geralt and deal damage over time.

The most effective way to defeat the Pesta is to place a YRDEN Sign Trap and lure him out - this will reveal a physical form that takes much more damage than the scary version. It's best to use your swords in physical form, land a strike or two, then back off to dodge his attacks. Also, you can use IGNI for some ranged damage.

As soon as the pest has taken enough damage, it will disappear and after a short communication with Keira, your goals will be updated - we need to find an NPC named Graham and bring him to the island.

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Graham lives in Oreton, which is on the lakeshore north of the Isle of Fyke. He goes to his house and talks to the man who is knocking on his door. Once he leaves, interact with the door to talk. Convince Graham to go to Fyke Island.

Once back on the island, escort Graham to the stronghold and head inside. You have to kill some ghosts on the first floor, but things should be smooth until you reach the lab where Annabelle is.

After the cutscene, go back to Keira's hut and give her the good news. The mission will be completed.

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