The Witcher 3: A complete walkthrough for a tower full of rats (2023)

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This quest in The Witcher 3 can be difficult and complicated. Learn how to best investigate Fyke Isle and get the best ending with this walkthrough!

The Witcher 3: A complete walkthrough for a tower full of rats (1)
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Twists and turns abound in many missions throughoutThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and it is especially so in the ghostly adventure known as "A Towerful of Mice". This quest can be obtained immediately after completing the previous one in the questline (An Invitation from Keira Metz) which revolves around the Enchantress. She will tell Geralt about the many deaths surrounding Fyke's Isle and her haunted tower that seems to be cursing the area and doing great damage.

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Using some clues provided by the sorceress, Geralt sets out to investigate a tower overrun by rats, as well as monsters of a few varieties, includinga spectral enemyat the center of the dispute. This quest involves quite a bit of combat, searching for clues, as well as a tricky decision that fools most by selecting the worst of the two endings. Fortunately, there are ways to carry out each phase of this search in an optimized way and with little resistance, because knowledge is power inwizard world. Keep track of key goals for a less stressful time by remembering everything.

Main objectives

  • Walk across the water to Fyke Island (swim or use a boat)
  • Cut the monsters on the island and reach the tower.
  • Explore the entire interior of the tower
  • Discover the wizard's laboratory
  • Use the magic lamp that Keira gave you to investigate the lab.
  • Use the lamp's powers to contact Anabelle's spirit.
  • Take Anabelle's remains to Graham OR take Graham to the island tower
  • Inform Keira about what happened and complete the quest

How to get to and explore Fyke Island

The Witcher 3: A complete walkthrough for a tower full of rats (2)

The quest marker that appears on the map after speaking with Keira will lead Geralt to a boat off the coast that he can use to reach Fyke Isle. The island is surprisingly well fortified, so it can be tricky trying to find a place to land. Choose a spot and park the boat before disembarking to explore the island.

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Be careful as there are a variety of scavenger enemies lurking in this piece of land, namely rotfiends, drowners, and ghouls. Having some scavenger oil to apply to the blade can make clearing these monsters much faster. Igni is also useful on these disgusting demons, as well as the swarms of pesky black flies that also cover this disgusting island. Cut a strip through all enemies and enter the tower.

Investigating the Tower and Alexander's Laboratory

The Witcher 3: A complete walkthrough for a tower full of rats (3)

Upon entering the tower, be prepared to deal with a lot of rats. Especially if someone is at a high level, such as if the player has level scaling turned on, these rodents can destroy someone's health bar surprisingly quickly. To fend off these small but aggressive enemies, Geralt must explore the tower to discover the cause of Keira's misfortune and death.

Using the magic lantern given to him by the sorceress, Geralt is able to see the latest terrible death events that occurred on the island. There are 4 of these events to discover inside the tower and 3 outside, which will reveal a massacre of peasants. Once he knows these 7 deaths and how they occurred, the quest will update and indicate that Geralt should go to the top of the tower to investigate.

After some inspection and possible use of the warlock senses, players should find 2 levers in the highest area of ​​the tower. When both are pulled, they will reveal an entrance. Going through it will take Geralt to the laboratory of a wizard named Alexander, which the player will learn about if he uses the magic lantern to talk to the spirit that lives in the laboratory: Anabelle.

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talking to annabelle

The Witcher 3: A complete walkthrough for a tower full of rats (4)

Geralt's conversation with Anabelle's spirit will tell the player how Lord Vserad and his court, including his daughter Anabelle and his court wizard Alexander, were overcome by a plague of rats that swarmed within the tower. However, this happened because Alexander was experimenting on the rats and they became very powerful.

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The peasants had invaded the island, seeking to kill those responsible for the plague, although some had fallen into the hands of the rats and had become food for scavengers. She goes on to tell Geralt that she resents her lover, Graham, for not helping her when the massacre was taking place. The sorcerer will notice that he has a strong air of resentment and will come to the conclusion that it is this ill will that curses the island.

Geralt then explains that he believes the best way to break the curse, born of hate, is with the opposite feeling: love. There are two ways to do this, however neither of them will lead to the expected result.

Choose how to break the curse

The Witcher 3: A complete walkthrough for a tower full of rats (5)
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Geralt suggests that Anabelle try to forgive Graham for accidentally abandoning her, as she thought she had died, due to the trick of one of Alexander's potions. She agrees to try and replies that she will forgive Graham if Geralt brings her remains to him and buries them. That seems like a reasonable "yes", however, Anabelle's spirit is not a mere human ghost, but a Pesta (plague maiden) in disguise! There are very different results depending on whether someone agrees to take Anabelle's bones to Graham or not.

Bring Anabelle's remains to Graham

If anyone does, Graham will bury the bones and Geralt will disappear. However, before the witcher can get very far, he hears screaming and runs back to Graham to discover that the man is dead. The fresh corpse of him is surrounded by rats and is being frowned upon by Anabelle, now in his true form as a putrid plague. The curse is broken, but the plague maiden flies away before Geralt can stop her, becoming an epidemic for the nearby area.

Refusing to take the remains to Graham

This will enrage Anabelle and force her into Plague Maiden form, though she cannot be defeated while the curse is active. Geralt must retire and go to see Graham in North Oreton and explain things to him before taking the man back to Fyke Isle. The peasant spirits will attack like ghosts, so make sure you take them out by using some spectral oil on your sword anduse of Yrden's sign. He enters the tower and confronts Anabelle, prompting Graham to show her love for her by kissing Pesta. This breaks the curse and allows Anabelle's spirit to pass through, however her contact with the plague maiden kills Graham in the process. The two lovers meet again in the afterlife and Geralt is also able to move on, having done everything possible.

Regardless of the outcome chosen, the player can return to Keira after all is said and done to complete the quest. He will also ask the warlock for another favor, beginning the next one in the quest line, "A favor for a friend."

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