The 25 best songs about the Holy Spirit (2023)

If you are involved in worship services at your church andCoolGroup or just looking for some music to listen to at home or on the gowork, it's good to update your setlist or playlist from time to time.

But these songs will do more than that - they will also refresh your mind, body and spirit!

And as most people who have studied the Bible know, there are three distinct parts in the Holy Trinity observed by the Christian faith, but they are connected to God.

However, there is no hierarchy, but each part is equally important with GodPater, Jesus Christ theSohn, and the Holy Spirit (also known as the HolyGeist).

But today let's take a closer look and listen to some songs that worship the Holy Spirit and HisPresentin our life.

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1. Spirit of God - Phil Wickham

This song is perfect when you need music to relax and reflect on your relationship with God.

(Video) Songs to the Holy Spirit | Holy Spirit Songs | Pentecost Hymns | Choir w/Lyrics | Sunday 7pm Choir

Or when you are feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges and need spiritual guidance to return to a state of grace.

Because the music is gentle and relaxing, with lyrics that attempt to invoke the Holy Spirit to take more control of our lives ("More of You, Less of Me").

  • Written by:Phil Wickham and Pete Kipley
  • Publishing year:2016
  • Album: children of god

2. The Power of the Holy Spirit - Chicago Mass Choir

This track takes things in a completely different direction while still celebrating the power of the Holy Spirit.

Because this is a loud, solemn song with a full chorus when you want something that energizes you both mentally and physically.

And Lemmie Battles, who sings lead vocals, really shines with his powerful voice, inspiring people everywhere to come back to the altar and keep their faith strong.

  • Written by:Calvin Bridges
  • Publishing year:2001
  • Album: call you

3. Holy Spirit - Maranatha! Music

Another slower tempo song calling on God and the Holy Spirit to bring itpazfor our lives he asks the Holy Spirit to "conquer" us.

Because it's easy to get distracted and caught up in the struggles and pitfalls of everyday life.LifeAnd when that happens, sometimes we become defensive and our ego can take center stage.

But it's important to remember that we must be empty vessels, and songs like this can remind us of thatLass losour ego and let the Holy Spirit guide us.

YMaranatha! Music has been one of the largest producers of contemporary Christian music for decades., so there is sure to be something for everyone in their extensive catalog of praise and worship songs.

(Video) Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome - America's 25 Favorite Praise and Worship Choruses (Lyrics)

  • Written by:Katie Torwalt and Bryan Torwalt
  • Publishing year:2018
  • Album: Top 50 Worship Songs: Holy Spirit

4. In the Fire of the Holy Spirit - Ty Bello

Speaking of letting the Holy Spirit enter our lives and take away our worries, this song is an exercise in that faith.

Because while there's nothing wrong with having polished, composed songs, I think there's also something to be said about "just being in the moment" when you're praising God.

And much like speaking in tongues and letting the power of God flow through you, this song was made spontaneously, just coming out and letting it flow with the music.

And since Ty Bello is a Nigerian singer, this music also sounds a bit different than a lot of contemporary Christian music, and I find it all the more refreshing for that.

  • Written by:ty bello
  • Publishing year:2022
  • Album: AreFuego

5. Worship of Fullness - Elevation

This song will work especially well if your church has a talented singer leading the worship team and may not be the best for worship sessions where the congregation sings.

We all feel a little empty inside sometimes and I know I've seen a lot of peoplegodown the road, wandering seemingly without joy or purpose in life.

And that surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon us and fill us with the burning fire of God's love and salvation will surely inspire you and your fellow worshippers to do soDomingomorning.

  • Written by:Steven Furtick, Chris Brown and Matthews Ntlele
  • Publishing year:2016
  • Album: say revival

6. Rejoice - Sinach

Although temptation and human frailty often make our lives difficult, this song is about a way we can strengthen ourselves against despair and sin.

Because walking with Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit is thatimpenetrable armor we need.

(Video) Time With Holy Spirit: 3 Hour Prayer Time Music || Best Worship Songs || Alone With God

For as the text says, Jesus is "more than an overcomer" and "no weapon formed against me shall ever succeed" if we surrender to God.

And that's more than enough cause for celebration, isn't it?

  • Written by:Sinach
  • Publishing year:2014
  • Album: the name of Jesus(Live-Album)

7. Never Walk Alone - Rend Collective

This more rock orientated band from Northern Ireland offers us a beautiful and uplifting song of praise.

And the lyrics of this song remind me of the famous poem Footsteps about how God guides us through the most difficult times of our lives.

Because God the Father and Jesus the Son always walk with us, and the Holy Spirit is referred to in the song as "the fire within me," an interpretation of the Holy Spirit that is common in the Bible.

And I think this song is appropriate not only for Sunday morning worship or casual listening, but also for church gatherings.youthgroups too.

  • Written by:collective tear
  • Publishing year:2015
  • Album: IfFamilyWe go

8. Awakening - Chris Tomlin

Arguably one of the biggest names in contemporary Christian music today, Chris Tomlin exalts the Holy Spirit in this devotional song.

In the lyrics, Tomlin asks God to send the Holy Spirit to fill and fill usawakenour souls toto singfrom the glory of God.

And the instrumental music not only builds convincingly through the song, but also uses some clever similes in the lyrics, comparing God sending us the Holy Spirit to the resurrection of GodSolbanish the darkness from our lives.

(Video) Holy Spirit Come With Your Fire || English devotional songs||

And when we achieve that salvation, we are ready to allow the light of God to shine through us to do His work here on earth by living pure lives and spreading love around us ("Thy will be done, thy will happen in me").

  • Written by:Chris Tomlin and Ruben Morgan
  • Publishing year:2010
  • Album: Passion: And if our God is for us...

9. The Holy Spirit - Rev. Milton Brunson and The Thompson Community Singers

10. As we gather in this place today - Don Moen

11. Spirit of the Living God - Bryan Torwalt and Katie Torwalt

12. Breathe on us - Kari Jobe

13. All Who Thirst – Vineyard Worship feat. Brenton Braun

14. Stay with me - Matt Redman

15. Fire Never Sleeps – Jesus Culture feat. Martin Smith

16. Falling Again – Kari Jobe

17. Spiritual Movement – ​​​​Kalley Heiligenthal

18. Ven y lléname - Brian Doerksen

19. Respira – Marie Barnett

20. Let the Holy Spirit Lead You (Part II) - The Florida Mass Choir

21. Spiritual Escape - Kim Walker-Smith

22. Equal Power - Jeremy Camp

23. Here as in Heaven - High Worship

24. Linger - Casey's chorus

25. Otoño - The Associated Co. hazaña. Andrew Holt and Meredith Andrews

The 25 best songs about the Holy Spirit (1)

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