Terraria Mech Bosses - Summoning and Tips (2023)

Hard mode strategies and item summoning.

Three mechanical bosses must be defeated in order to progress once the player has reached hard mode and acquired the appropriate equipment. These bosses drop all of the otherwise unobtainable holy bars and special souls that can be used to forge new gear and continue your adventure. Each of these requires different strategies and the difficulty is subjective from player to player. Some will cleverly destroy a boss on the first try, while others will make many attempts without success. In the event that a guide can't help you, you should probably find better gear, change your attachments to increase defense or damage, or practice fighting and use the knowledge in front of you.

Terraria Mech Bosses - Summoning and Tips (1)The three mechanical items needed to summon bosses at will.

Here are the boss mechs, what you need to craft their summon item, and some information on the items you can craft if you defeat them. Detailed strategies can be found in the respective boss guides. Know that two out of three of these fights are much easier to pull off if your character can fly.get wingsmust have priority.

I'm listing the three bosses in order from easiest to hardest.MeinPerspective of my first game. I was hooked by each one on the first try, but then I geared up and crafted the summoning items to take them out and unlock Plantera, which was much easier than The Twins thanks to a carefully prepared arena and holy gear.

Terraria Mech Bosses - Summoning and Tips (2)Being able to fly during a boss fight is invaluable. Whether it's you or the boss on the run, you can at least do a little bit of damage.

Invocation and general advice
Each of the bosses has a small chance to spawn each night once you're on hard mode, though blood moons are much more likely to spawn. Items can be crafted with an Orichalcum/Mithril Anvil and all materials should be pretty easy to gather once you've explored your world. Use them at the onset of darkness and you can spend the whole night taking them down. Keep in mind that losing will make the boss disappear and you will have to try again.

(Video) Terraria How To Summon The Destroyer (EASY) | Terraria How To get Mechanical Worm

The idea of ​​summoning them for the kill is that you control the circumstances, timing and location of the fights. You can also summon them as many times as you want, as long as you farm the materials needed to summon items. Use your buff potions liberally during battles - you farm, right? If not, you're missing out on some powerful perks that can greatly affect your hero's performance in battle. Also, for all battles except Destroyer, wings are a must for all but the best players.

For each battle, set up arenas containing a Heart Lantern and a Bonfire. Both offer a buff that stacks and increases your health regeneration even while moving. You can stand still at any time, the passive regeneration doubles that and more.

If you can't kill all three, consider farming the ones you can defeat and go after a Holy Repeater (bow), Excalibur, or Gungnir after beating any of the fights. Combined with Holy Armor, this will go a long way in turning the tide of battle in your favor.

The destroyer

Summoning Item: Mechanical Worm

  • Rotten Chunk or Whirlpool x6 - Farmed in Corruption/Crimson
  • Iron or Lead Ingot x 5
  • Soul of the Night x 6 - Farmed from creatures in Underground Corruption/Crimson
  • Orichalcum or mithril anvil required

Terraria Mech Bosses - Summoning and Tips (3)The Destroyer is summoned

Introduction to the boss
This large, snake-like tunnel boss is similar to the Eater of Worlds, a corruption-specific boss that some players may not have experienced by the time they hit Hard. He was the easiest of the three for me once properly equipped. He has health, but each of his component segments can subtract damage from the total, meaning a sword slash can hit him 3 times or more.

(Video) Terraria How To: Summon All The Mechanical Bosses, Fighting All Three Mechanical Bosses

Throughout the fight, the Destroyer will attempt to ram you, its massive body dealing damage on contact as it moves across the ground. Melee combat is very doable though - just watch your step and not get too close to him when your armor is down. As he tunnels through, he releases probes that fire lasers. Sounds harsh, but with a proper arena setup and defense, you can focus your regeneration on this monstrosity combined with Heart Drops from Probes for its incredibly useful loot.

The Destroyer drops the power souls needed to craft the Mega Shark (an upgrade to the Mini Shark sold by the Arms Dealer). This rapid-fire ranged weapon can be incredibly useful for fighting other bosses, especially Geminis due to their high mobility, but it's not necessary, it just makes fights easier if you don't have good ranged drops.

Being able to take down the Destroyer is all you need to be successful with Terraria's other two mech bosses, as you can create a set of holy armor by using the Mechanic Worm to take down the Destroyer multiple times, summoning it, and killing it to farm the materials. .Read the full guide.

first skeleton

Summoning Item: Mechanical Skull

  • Bones x30 – Farmed in the dungeon, drops from skeletal enemies
  • Iron or Lead Ingot x5
  • Soul of Light x3 - Farmed from creatures in Underground Hallow
  • Soul of Night x3 - Farmed from creatures in Underground Corruption/Crimson
  • Orichalcum or mithril anvil required

Terraria Mech Bosses - Summoning and Tips (4)Skeletron Prime is summoned

Introduction to the boss
Talk to the old man at night to gain access to the dungeon by defeating him.skeleton- Who will be a normal Skeletron even if he does it alone afterwards?wall of meat. The dungeon is always on the opposite side of the world from the underground jungle, so you might find yourself heading in the wrong direction. You must do this to farm bones to craft the mechanical skull.

(Video) TERRARIA EXPERT SUMMONER PROGRESSION GUIDE 7! Terraria Expert Mechanical Bosses, Sanguine Staff Farm

The boss features four arms, each holding a different weapon, though the arms can be removed individually. He will attack you periodically, which can result in multiple hits and perhaps the most damage of all the nasty things he does during combat. Wings are useful for jumping on this load, though a cloud in a bottle or rocket boots might do the trick.

After removing the arms, Skeletron spins his head, sprouting spikes that deal massive damage on contact. He cools down between uses, making him vulnerable to attacks. Vertical mobility is useful here as it tends to float up. The easiest for this phase is to fight him on the surface with wooden platforms and a ranged weapon. Melee/spells work well early in the fight to get weapons out.

Defeating Skeletron Prime will widen your crafting options a bit and probably allow you to work on your Hallowed set. Dread Souls aren't very useful on their own, although they can be used to craft a flamethrower. Read the guide for more information and screenshots of one of my fights with him.Read the full guide.

The Twins

Summoning Item: Mechanical Eye

  • Lens x3 - Obtainable from Demon Eye / Wandering Eyes attacking at night
  • Iron or Lead Ingot x5
  • Soul of Light x6 - Cultivated from creatures in Underground Hallow
  • Orichalcum or mithril anvil required

Terraria Mech Bosses - Summoning and Tips (5)the twins are called

The twins were the toughest fight for me, though I eventually cracked the code and killed them. The two are linked by a vein and fly across the screen, working together to attack you with their respective weapons. They each enrage when reduced to half health, dealing increased damage while also having increased defense. ReceivebothBerserker will ask you unless your team is divine or you are a platforming prodigy. So the best solution is to remove one of them first by focusing on it.

(Video) The ABSOLUTE EASIEST Way to Beat The Destroyer in Terraria!

Spazmatism fires a flame, Retinazer uses a laser. Retinazer is best if you take him out first, as there is a risk of an angry Eye of Cthulu armed with a flamethrower coming after you while another laser is aimed at you. Of all the fights here, high mobility is the most important to avoid his attacks.

If you kill the twins, you can create some magical items, including one that can summon a mini-set of twins to fight for you (optic staff). This is quite useful in the future, though normally a full set of Holy Armor should take precedence.Read the full guide.

What happens after these bosses?

The three mechanical bosses are a huge obstacle to progressing in Terraria's hard mode. If you can beat even one of these three battles, you can farm the materials for a full set of hallowed gear and upgraded weapons. Once one of these bosses is defeated, several notable things will happen:

With a mechanical boss defeated

  • Solar eclipses can occur during the day, leading to massive vampire attacks. These are similar to the Goblin Army but more difficult and with late game gear drops.
  • The Steampunker will move in when a house becomes available. In particular, he sells the Clentaminator, which can be used to remove Corruption/Crimson/Halloween from your world. Additionally, Blend-o-Matic allows you to build asphalt paths that greatly improve the movement speed of players.
  • Red Devils and Lava Bats appear in the Underworld. You can now farm a Red Devils Fire Feather, which you can use to create Flame Wings.
  • Life Fruit grows in the underground jungle, allowing you to increase your health from 400 to 500. Each one increases Life by +5 and changes the color of the heart to gold.

Beat all three bosses? The hour of the planter

  • When all three are defeated, you will see the message "The jungle is getting restless..." indicating that the Plantera's bulbs will begin to grow.
  • Defeating all three will grant you the souls needed to use holy bars to upgrade your pickaxe/drill and mine Chlorophyte ore in the jungle. Other items are also possible, such as the Avenger Emblem (with Wall of Flesh Warrior Emblem), which increases all damage by 12%.
  • Adjunctis your next barrier to progress that leads toJungle Temple and Golem!

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(Video) How To Craft The Mechanical Eye | Terraria 1.4 Tutorial | Summoning The Twins

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What do you need to summon all of the mechanical bosses Terraria? ›

The mechanical bosses' summoning items can be crafted at a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil. They also drop from all Hardmode enemies (except statue-spawned enemies, Meteor Heads, and Old One's Army enemies) with a 1/2500 (0.04%) chance until their respective boss is defeated.

How do you beat the mech bosses Summoner in Terraria? ›

get some potions. endurance, regeneration, wrath and dodge stuff and slowly kill the boss. Get the sanguine or blade staff and use potions. Portions like ironskin, regen, endurance, summoning, wrath/rage, food, and swiftness make the fight easy.

What is the easiest mech boss for summoner Terraria? ›

In Normal Mode, Destroyer is the easiest and Skeletron the hardest.

What order should I fight the Mech bosses in Terraria? ›

Recommended order of Mechanical Bosses: Destroyer, Twins, Skeletron Prime. Plantera. Golem. Duke.

How do you prepare for mechanical bosses? ›

Prepare for the mechanical bosses

For bosses that spawn at night, make sure to start the fight at 7:30 p.m. to allow yourself the maximum amount of time. Also, prepare your battle arena. You'll want plenty of light, Heart Lanterns, and Stars in Bottles so you can keep your health and mana topped off.

What weapon should I use for mechanical bosses? ›

The Ice Sickle is a good choice for all of the mechanical bosses, especially The Destroyer and other worm-like bosses.

Is Summoner the weakest class Terraria? ›

Summoner, in my opinion, is the worst class. He has the lowest defense and has good damage against enemies, but his defense is so low he dies extremely easily. He can't do much against bosses of any kind if he doesn't have endgame gear.

What Mech boss is the hardest? ›

7 The Twins

This boss is arguably the hardest of the three mechanical bosses in Terraria. The Twins are, in a nutshell, two bosses in one with the two separate eyes - named Retinazer and Spazmatism. They each own have an attack pattern and life count.

Why can't i summon Mechdusa? ›

Summoning Mechdusa

To summon Mechdusa, all you need to do is use Ocram's Razor. This item is exclusive to the Everything Seed, and can be crafted at a Mythril or Orchicalcum anvil with the following materials.

What is the best pre mech boss Summoner weapon? ›

With minions and whips, here are the best Summoner weapons in the game.
Best Pre-Hardmode Summoner Weapons.
WeaponDamageHow To Get It
Finch Staff - Summons a Baby Finch7Found in Living Wood Chests, underneath those giant trees.
Hornet Staff12Crafted with 14 Beeswax.
Imp Staff17Crafted with 17 Hellstone Bars.
Aug 17, 2021

What is the strongest Summoner weapon? ›

Each of the Tavernkeep's sentry summon weapons come in three tiers: Rod, Cane, and Staff; with the Staff being the most expensive and the most powerful.

Is Terraprisma a Summoner weapon? ›

Although its sprite appears to be a sword, it is actually a summon weapon.

Should you fight queen slime before Mech bosses? ›

Queen Slime can be killed easily before any other Hardmode bosses, and even before destroying Demon or Crimson Altars. The Crystal Assassin armor she drops will help the player survive in early Hardmode.

Can you get the Uzi before Mech bosses? ›

Uniquely out of these three, only the Uzi can be obtained prior to defeating any mechanical bosses (the other two are post-Plantera, which in turn require all three mechanical bosses defeated), allowing the player to use High Velocity Bullets before they are properly craftable.

Can you fight Duke Fishron before mechanical bosses? ›

Though its difficulty makes it a post-Plantera or Golem boss, it is possible to defeat Duke Fishron before any Mechanical boss and obtain his drops to greatly ease the fight against them.

Do the twins count as a mechanical boss? ›

The Twins are a Hardmode mechanical boss which is essentially a more difficult version of the Eye of Cthulhu. The Twins are two separate flying entities, Retinazer and Spazmatism, connected by a tendril, each with its own attack pattern and life count. Both must be killed in order to defeat the boss.

What arrows should I use for mechanical bosses? ›

The best arrows to use are Holy Arrows, due to the falling stars that they summon. Holy Arrows can be crafted 200 at a time, using 1 Unicorn Horn, 200 Wooden Arrows, and 3 Pixie Dust.

How do you get Chlorophyte before mechanical bosses? ›

You need a pickaxe or drill with at least 200 percent Pickaxe Power. The earliest pickaxes you can get that allow you to mine Chlorophyte are the Pickaxe Axe and Drax. Both of these require Hallowed Bars (dropped by the Mechanical Bosses) as well as Soul of Fright, Soul of Might, and Soul of Sight.

How do you get 11 summons in Terraria? ›

The max number of minions that can be summoned can be increased with certain armors and accessories. The max number of minions a player can summon at one time is 11, using Stardust Armor, Necromantic Scroll, Pygmy Necklace, Papyrus Scarab, Summoning Potion and Bewitching Table.

What do you need to summon the Mechanical Worm? ›

Mechanical Worm
  1. Rotten Chunk (6)
  2. Any Iron Bar (5)
  3. Soul of Night (6)

What do you need to get the Mechanical Worm? ›

The Mechanical Worm is a Hardmode Item used to summon The Destroyer. The Worm is Crafted from Souls of Night. Rotten Chunks, Copper Bars, and Iron Bars at a Mythril Anvil station.

What is the strongest summoning item in Terraria? ›

Each of the Tavernkeep's sentry summon weapons come in three tiers: Rod, Cane, and Staff; with the Staff being the most expensive and the most powerful.

What is the rarest spawn in Terraria? ›

1 Slime Staff

The Slime Staff has the lowest drop chance of any item in the game and is, therefore, the rarest. This uncontested rarity is not without a good reason, though, as Slimes are the most plentiful and common enemies in Terraria.

How do you get 400 life in Terraria? ›

Health capacity can be increased using Life Crystals, which add a single red heart each to the health meter permanently, increasing health capacity by 20 each. This can be done until the health meter reaches 20 red hearts (400 health).


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