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Ready for free agency? While thewarriorsInCeltscompeting in the NBA Finals, the remaining 28 teams in the league are already in full swing in the offseason.


Although teams are prohibited from agreeing to deals until June 30,and no executive would have dared a handshake deal before then (I certainly wouldn't have committed such a heinous crime in my time in Memphis, out of deep respect for the regulations of the collective bargaining agreement), front office employees are already busy identifying of the market for players, watching film and evaluating analytical and valuation models for key free agents.

Speaking of which… I have my own valuation model. It's called BORD$ for those of you who haven't been reading for the past few years, which requires my BORG (Big Ol' Rating) system to rate players against replacement level, corrections for improvement/decline based on their age, minute estimates played for the next season and then generates BORD$ (Big Ol' Rating Dollars). (A more detailed explanation of how BORG works can befound here, although two of the main entries have changed, as noted below.)

As with the previous two seasons, I have to tip two publicly available in-depth reviews that are at the core of BORG:"DARKO" Kostya Medvedovsky and"LeBron" rating.from the BBall Index. My PER rating is also a small fraction of that rating, equaling one-eighth of that for non-centers and zero for centers, and somewhere in between for those who played center part-time. (This was done not for ego reasons, but for consistency. PER's weaknesses are well-known, but its ability to hold up across teams and seasons makes it very valuable when the other metrics involved trump on-field data over off-field data. Although the overall impact on this is small, eye-checking the ratings with and without the PER component showed that it was useful.)

I've also made a few other minor tweaks - adjusting the minutes played at center (which are less valuable) based on the distributions in Cleaning the Glass, covering the negative defensive values ​​for key players (some of which were strained loyalty and may have been too harsh), dropping players with few minutes of playing time to replacement level and taking into account the salary cap increase of 8.5% next season.


Based on this information, I made my evaluations of every free agent available this summer. I'll have a rating for each relevant player by position soon, but for now we'll look at the top 25 players - which happen to be the only 25 players worth more than the non-taxable mid-level exception (MLE) of around 10, $3 million for the upcoming season.

Finally, a critical note: this is a dollar valuation for 2022-23only.This particularly affects decision-making for a multi-year agreement. in such a contract, older players should probably have fewer numbers than the numbers listed here, while younger players should have more. In the case of three- and four-year deals for older and younger players, the variance can be significant.

I've included a few other categories this year as well: players who probably aren't free agents but theoretically could be and had BORD$ valuations over $10 million. and players whose valuations are likely to take a significant hit due to serious injuries sustained in 2021-22.

That said, here's a look at the top BORD$ free agents this summer, along with their expected value, pick and/or restricted status if applicable, and their most recent employer

Tier I: from Max All-Stars

1. Kyrie Irving, PG, Brooklyn (player option): $48,497,568

BORD$ doesn't have to deal with Irving in the locker room, but despite his fluctuating availability over the past two seasons, he still scores as a player with tremendous value. Irving can opt out of his current deal that pays him $36.9 million next season and become a free agent where his maximum salary for next season will be $42.7 million.

Irving turns 31 next season, so years without a four- or five-year max deal aren't profitable, but in the short term, the numbers say he'd likely warrant a max deal. . Even in his limited time in 2021-22, he averaged 27 points per game on 59 percent true shooting...and it wasn't a particularly good year by his standards.


The other part of this, of course, is the options Irving has besidesBeautiful. With the cap-room teams largely rebuilding and not really in need of a point guard, and some other teams locked out of the various sideshows that accompanied his presence in Boston and Brooklyn, the Nets may be able to negotiate just short of the five-year-old, $245 million deal he would have been eligible for.

2. James Harden, SG, Philadelphia (player option): $46,617,283

Harden has a player option for $47.4 million next season, and despite missing a step and not being the MVP caliber he was in Houston, the numbers show he'd likely still produce enough to warrant the money. If he opts out, he can re-sign a new $46.5 million cap hit deal.

(Video) John Hollinger of The Athletic's Top 25 NBA free agents by his projections

However, things get difficult when we look at a longer time horizon. Harden turns 33 in August. it seems obviously crazy to max out the full five years of eligibility. (That would be a $270 million payout, by the way.) One wonders how much the Sixers would be willing to commit here to this, and for how many years.

As with Irving above, there is also a limited market for Harden outside of Philadelphia. He might be tempted to opt out this season and try again next summer for a big payday when there are plenty more potential cap-room teams as landing spots. Alternatively, signing a bigger deal for less than the cap money would go a long way toward easing Philly's luxury tax concerns.

3. Bradley Beal, SG, Washington (speleroptie): 38.520.130 $

Beal isn't as valuable as the two players above, and if he opts out and signs a five-year max, he'll be big: a starting salary of $42.7 million and a total of $242 million over half a decade. While teams are watching the nation's capital for smoke signals of Beal's displeasure, everything looks good to pack up and stay in D.C.

Beal turns 29 in June, so age-wise we're not in the danger zone, but the end of a five-year deal could go south inmagicians; just watched this movie withJohn Wall, in the. As a result, one wonders if they could keep Beal with only a partially guaranteed fifth year or some other concession that would leave Washington before the four years and $179 million any other team can offer.

4. Zach LaVine, SG, Chicago: $31,716,188

LaVine played on one leg for the second half of this season before undergoing surgery on his left knee in May, and as a result, this rating was probably a little lower than you'd expect. On the other hand, the knee issue is something every team will want to do their due diligence on. you'll recall that in 2017 LaVine tore the ACL in the same knee.


LaVine is eligible for a five-year, $212 million deal from theBullsstarting at $36.6 million for the upcoming season, which isn't far off from BORD's $ value. At 27, a new contract would theoretically cover his prime... provided the knee isn't an issue. As with Beal above, one wonders if the Bulls can pick up some with the fifth-year guarantee knowing their latest offer would be even better than any, but it's a tough game to play as a team ifLet it be AntonisofDetroitcould have a chance to land LaVine on a four-year, $164 million deal.

Tier II: The non-very maximal types

This is where free agency really kicks in: the three young players from the 2018 draft who haven't made a single All-Star Game together but could combine to make several in the near future. I'm not sure any of the three are worth the max, but they all have BORD$ values ​​close enough to the "low" max ($30.5M) to make for an interesting discussion. Plus, at least one of the three looks to be much better than the four All-Stars above:

5. Deandre Ayton, C,Phoenix(restricted): $31,406,061

Surprisingly, Phoenix didn't renew Ayton before last season and seems reluctant to pay him the max after the Suns roared into the playoffs. Signing and trading him would also allow the Suns to avoid the luxury tax in both 2022-23 and the two seasons after that, while the idea of ​​getting some extra size at the forward positions is much more likely as Ayton trades is . ace.

As a result, chatter is increasing that Ayton may indeed be available, particularly if a sign-and-trade scenario develops that would allow Phoenix to bring back the talent. (A simple offer sheet could probably suit the Suns, who can always turn around and trade Ayton later. They don't really have an outlet if Ayton leaves without compensation). $20 million in salary in an Ayton sign-and-trade, even if he gets the max, because of itcalled the base year compensation rule. (The CBA stopped referring to it that way, but most people in the league still do.)

As for how much he's worth, even in my own valuation system that undervalues ​​centers quite a bit, the numbers show that Ayton is worth the bite. The eye test also suspects he could be a more effective scorer elsewhere, with a fairly lethal midgame for a player of his stature. Finally, Ayton turns 24 next season, so this contract should cover some of his best seasons. If he continues to improve, he can add value if he continues to improve.

6. Miles Bridges, PF, Charlotte (restricted): $30,940,550

Bridges is a fascinating study this offseason, as BORD$ says he's worth pretty close to the max, but it seems unlikely his price will go that high due to his limited status and seeming lack of other suitors.

Even potential spoilers from deals like San Antonio or Detroit seem to have their eyes on other targets. they could go back to Bridges later in the process, but having their money on ice while Charlotte waits to suit up (and probably inevitably does) is a very significant deterrent... especially in a market where free agency has play impressively (some would even say "unfathomable" given the rules) speed.


What that leads to is probably a four- or five-year deal back in Charlotte at $25 million a year, give or take a few bucks. If so, theHorzelsthey will have to make some interesting decisions further down the roster as they try to avoid the luxury tax.

7. Jalen Brunson, PG, Dallas: $29,371,294

Branson's strong playoff run for theMavericksseemed to silence some of the chatter that A) Dallas might be willing to let him walk and B) another team could take him well below the max. It now appears that any serious offer would have to be at least $100 million over the next four years, somewhat limiting potential suitors given the greater difficulty of reaching that threshold in a sign-and-trade. (If you're wondering whatKnicks, for example, they'd have to dangle a lot of not-so-desirable filler for the Mavs to get a deal done. Good luck with that.)

As a small guard coming off a career year, that $BORD valuation is probably on the higher end of where the league sees Brunson, but he should be able to reach $25 million a year.

(Video) Board of Supervisors Meeting - May 23, 2023

The more interesting question is what this could do for Dallas' plans. Raising his salary from last year's paltry $1.8 million to such a princely sum would also put the Mavs about $30 million over the luxury tax line and bring the league a whopping $85 million. Something has to be done here.

Tier III: the crazy

There is a huge drop in the quality of the free agent market after Brunson's seventh. a staggering drop of nearly $10 million in BORD$ between Nos. 7 and 8. Additionally, the next three highest-ranked players are unlikely to receive the values ​​assigned to them by my method.

In any case, the problem is that BORD$ loves these guys whileNBAteams... like they're fine. Each of these is idiosyncratic enough to not fit neatly into standard team building definitions, requiring a bit more finesse from the coaching staff to maximize their contribution.

And yet... the numbers say that each of those three was pretty valuable and will likely represent a win if they inevitably sign for less than those numbers.

8. Chris Boucher, C, Toronto: $19,782,672

One ofbirds of preyQuite a few odd big boys off the bench that have shifted between vaguely defined positions, Bowser is a hard-to-pin-down player, and that may limit his free agent market. He's a top shot blocker, but he's undersized for a center at just 200 pounds. He's something of a floor spacer with a career 33.5 percent from 3, but he's more comfortable doing his damage in the paint where he's shooting 58.6 percent for his career. He's not a post threat due to his thin build and never threatens to pass.

And yet… Bowser is 29 years old, has a career PER of 20.0, had the best net score of any player on a 48-win team and, despite his thin frame, had a huge positive impact rebounding especially for the Raptors.

Is this package worth paying to start with? That's where a lot of teams would hesitate, I suspect, which is why I think Boucher's market settles at or just above the tax-free MLE, despite BORD$ giving him a much higher valuation.

9. Bruce Brown, SF, Brooklyn, $19,043,654

Brown is a "-and-D" guy with the "3" part mostly missing, but that doesn't make him a zero on offense. He's a good passer and excels at playing the short throw as a fake five, plus he's a solid finisher who has converted nearly 70 percent of his chances on the wing over the past two seasons. He's also just 25 years old and shot 40.4 percent on his limited 3-point attempts a year ago, promising further upside.

Brown was a free agent last year and had to settle for re-signing his $4.7 million qualifying offer, indicating the market doesn't value him as much as BORD$. However, he should be a top target for any team with the untaxed MLE.

10. Kyle Anderson, PF, Memphis, $18,990,342

That number is likely to surprise those who have seen Anderson's role fluctuate throughout his career, including just 21 minutes per game this season in Memphis. However, the numbers say he's been extremely effective when he's played, especially on defense, where his size and quick hands make him an asset at multiple positions. (Full disclosure: I was atgrizzly bearfront office when Anderson signed his expiring four-year, $37 million offer sheet.)

As with Brown above, Slo-Mo isn't everyone's cup of tea, as it doesn't fit the preconceptions of cornered roleplayers. He's a career 33 percent shooter from the range and takes nearly the entire shot clock to load his delivery. He's far more effective when he's on the ball, playing in transition or going to the Cup in a random attack, and it feels like every coach has needed an adjustment period to figure out what the hell to do with him.

That said, Anderson is a near-point guard ballhandler who also instantly improves any defense and is a solid rebounder on both ends. I think he'll have a deal at the end with the mid-level deal he's likely to get. Just to maximize fantasy, I'd love to see him end up in Toronto in a 6-9 guy lineup.

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Bruce Brown goes for a layup while Chris Boucher defends. (John E. Sokolowski/USA Today)

LEVEL IV: Central

Evaluating non-All-Star big men in today's NBA has become more of an art than a science, with value largely dependent on roster composition and the eye of the beholder. However, two players are likely to be paid as starting centers.

11. Mitchell Robinson, C, New York (restricted): $18,862,212

Robinson supported the idea of ​​paying him as a starting five by staying in the lineup for 72 games last season. the 7-footer is also in the rare position of being an unrestricted free agent at just 24 years of age. His athleticism is such that he shoots 72.2 percent for his teamcareerand in that span he has blocked 7.7 percent of opponent shots, making him an ideal candidate for the shot-blocker/rim-runner role.

So what is the delay? There is some concern that Robinson has bulked up too much (he weighed 270 pounds last year) and that he has taken away some of the durability that was his best asset. Additionally, without an appreciable skill level or shooting range, Robinson can be a very limited option offensively, with last season's 11.4% usage rate being a prime example.

I generally consider his BORD$ valuation to be below par, even with the upper end of his age, but I think he's doing a deal annually not far below that figure.

12. Jusuf Nurkic, C, Portland: 17.414.518 $

(Video) The Charlotte Hornets don't need to pay Miles Bridges the max + Jalen Williams NBA draft analysis

In theory, there are cap-room scenarios where theBlazermake Nurkic walk so he has the space to chase down other players. In fact, Portland's best play by far would be to re-sign Nurkic to a number of mid-teens and use his other cap options (including a huge trade exception) to rebuild the team this offseason.

Nurkic appears to have largely recovered from a devastating foot injury two years ago and was just coming off last winter when the Blazers' season went off the rails. He'll be 28 in August and has solid middle-class numbers, so he doesn't feel particularly risky either. The only real question is whether another team tries to enter the competition and take him away from Portland, and how high that number would have to go to be successful.

Special Intermediate: The guys who won't be free agents

While I created BORD$ values ​​for players who become free players this summer, I also created them for all players whowill notbe free agents… including some who could theoretically hit the market this summer. In fact, you're more likely to see Sasquatch than any of these five players in free agency:

  • Russell Westbrook, PG,Lakers: 17.347.955 $- Westbrook has a player option he can use to void his final year for $47 million. Tough decision, huh? While it's possible he could be traded and then waived by his new team, the most likely outcome at this point is a return to L.A.
  • Al Horford, C, Boston: $16,679,111- Remember when we discussed earlier this year whether Boston would pick up their partial Horford guarantee next year? That was fun. As a result of Boston winning the East, $19.5 million of next year's $26.5 million is now guaranteed anyway. it will be a complete guarantee if the Celtics beat Golden State in the Finals.
  • If Hart, SG, Portland: 16.485.487 $- Hart's $12 million deal for 2022-23 is non-guaranteed and Portland has some cap scenarios if they let him go, but even in that scenario he's far more likely to be traded than actually released. (He'll also likely be claimed on waivers, even if he's cut.)
  • Jae'Sean Tate, PF,Houston: 13.343.341 $- BORD$ seems to like the defensive roles (see Brown and Anderson above) more than the market, but there's no scenario where Houston doesn't pay Tate his paltry $1.78M team option for the upcoming season. The bigger question is whether you should renew it and at what cost.
  • Ivica Zubac, C,Clippers: 10.680.330 $- The Clippers have a $7.5 million team option on Zubac next year, and there's no realistic way to replace him in the middle if they let him go, especially off the benchIsaiah Hartensteincan skip town.

TIER V: Children above MLE

These players have proven they're worth more than the non-taxable MLE of around $10 million for the upcoming season, but whether they'll get it is an open question given market dynamics:

13. Otto Porter Jr., SF, Golden State: 16.603.510 $

Porter Jr. he won't get as high a salary in real life due to concerns about his frequent injuries. Over the past four seasons, he's missed almost as many games (140) as he's played (162), and even in his "healthy" year for Golden State in 2021-22, he's played just 63 regular-season games.

On the other hand, a reliable defender on the two forward who knows how to make plays and shoots a career 39.8% from 3 should have significant value, especially considering he's only 29 years old.

While I don't expect anyone to roll the dice on a bigger deal given the lingering questions about his physical well-being, a one-plus-one deal for the non-taxable MLE — signing him through 2022-23 with a player option for the 2023-24 season - would be a smart move for a sub-fund candidate.

14. Malik Monk, SG, Lakers: 16.511.722 $

Surprised? Do not be. Monk is one of the few entries on the "Things the Lakers Did Right in the Summer of 2021" short list. A year later, he is one of the few free agents who is both young and unrestricted. he's only 24. He's also coming off back-to-back years where he shot 40.1 percent and 39.1 percent from 3, and last season was much more efficient at the arc (56.8 percent on 2s!) than never.

That being said, one can reasonably wonder if this BORD$ valuation is more or less influenced by Monk's sterling differential for the Lakers last season. Monk is small for two, can't play the point, and although he improved last year, he's still a problem on defense. All of this might be a reason to keep an MLE cap on free agent deals. But in a league that leans more and more toward offense, he's one of the real sleepers in free agency, especially since there could be even more points for him to score.

15. Bobby Portis, C,Milwaukee, (player's choice): $15,793,989

Bobby! Bobby! The crowd favorite was re-signed a year ago for a fraction of his value and will surely decline his $4.56 million player option to secure a bigger payout this time around. Now that Milwaukee has Early Bird rights, the Bucks can offer him around $12 million per year on a multi-year deal, and I'm not sure the offer will go higher than that given the teams lack of cap-room this year.

16. Donte DiVincenzo, SG, Sacramento, (beperkt): $15,551,549

DiVincenzo is a good bet to get paid something close to what he's worth given the reduced cost involved inkingstrading for him in principle and the fact that Sacramento has full rights to Bird to exceed the MLE.

As a 25-year-old guard who might be able to increase his usage on a smaller team than the Bucks (where he played his midseason game until 2022), he seems like a good asset if he has some shooting. . The only possible fly in the ointment would be if the Royals takeJaden Iveywith the fourth pick in the draft, filling out the backfield and pushing DiVincen out of the way if possible.

John Hollinger's Top 25 Free Agents According to BORD$ Predictions in 2022 (2)

Will Donte DiVincenzo return to Sacramento? (Darren Yamashita/USA Today)

Second Intermission: The Injuries Boys

These four players are free agents this summer and have mid-level or above BORD$ ratings. However, my guy doesn't know that they have serious injuries that will likely lower their ratings significantly:

  • Danny Green, SG, Philadelphia: $15,490,585- Green has a non-guaranteed $10 million deal and is almost certain to be waived by the Sixers after tearing his ACL in the playoffs. He'll likely miss most or all of next season, so I wouldn't expect much pressure to sign him for free.
  • Ricky Rubio, PG, Indiana: $15,475,962— Rubio didn't play a game about itPacerslast year; he traded from thereClevelandafter tearing his left ACL in late December. While he will likely return sometime next season, he will turn 32 this fall, marking his second ACL tear in the same knee.
  • Joe Ingles, SF, Portland: 14.873.104 $- As with Rubio above, Jose English did not play a game for the Blazers, but was sent there from Utah after tearing his ACL in late January. Ingles will also turn 35 in October.
  • T. J. Maze, PF, Indiana: $9,439,768Warren has played just four games over the past two years due to a stress fracture in his left foot and the snail's recovery, but he has legitimate value once he returns to full strength. Teams will likely do due diligence on his recovery and discount him accordingly.

TIER VI: The rest of the MLE package and above

Some of these players are likely to receive offers in their mid-teens, especially the younger group. The rest, however, qualify more as veterans who would be worth chasing a deal short of the full MLE, but become more questionable propositions at higher prices.

17. Montrezl Harrell, C, Charlotte: 14.730.416 $

Harrell was excellent in the first few weeks of 2021-22 for Washington, but has gradually fallen out of favor, largely because he is such a suspect defender. That same concern would likely prevent a team from paying him as a starter, which is why I think his contact moves to the full non-taxpayer MLE for a team looking for bench strength. Harrell has been down this road before: his last two forays into free agency also resulted in short-term full-MLE deals.

18. Delon Wright, PG/SG,Atlanta: 14.546.800 $

(Video) Nets clear Draft path in the Mikal Bridges era

Wright's market probably won't go that high. he got the full MLE when he was a free agent four years ago and looks set to face a similar market this time around in his 30s. most teams than another year of sparkling analysis.

Wright hasn't always played big minutes for Atlanta this season, but he's been one of the Hawks' most effective players, especially on defense. On a one- or two-year MLE deal, he looks like a solid Plan B for teams sniffing out top guards in free agency, with his ability to moonlight as a shooting guard at 6-5 adding to his value.

19. Tyus Jones, PG, Memphis: $13,791,316

Jones is one of the more exciting free agent prospects this summer. The Grizzlies have plenty of resources to keep him if they want, but Jones may be more interested in the chance to become a regular starter thanhateit is suspicion. Places like New York or Washington could certainly offer him a starting gig, but those clubs are limited to offering the full MLE. Jones could earn more by rejoining the Griz or engaging in a sign-and-trade.

Jones is undersized and hasn't shot consistently from deep until this season (39.0 percent from 3), but he's a top game manager in that era, has one of the best floater games in basketball and, at 26, A multi-year deal would likely give his next team the best years of his career.

20. Nicolas Batum, SF, Clippers (player option): $13,734,340

Batum has been one of the most valuable contracts in the league since the Hornets dumped him two years ago, an underrated, multi-position stick limited only by his deep reluctance to shoot. However, he has shot over 40 percent from 3 in back-to-back seasons, so the shooting threat still keeps defenses fair.

With a player option for a paltry $3.3 million, it's a good idea for Batum to opt out of his deal. A possible end game is that he would re-team with the Clippers, who now have Early Bird rights to him, for the maximum they can offer (about $12 million in 2022-23), which would put his salary pretty close in the above valuation it would bring. .

21. Kevon Looney, C, Golden State: $12,533,705

I did a double take when I first saw Looney's predicted value. Then the playoffs began.

With proof of concept as one of the league's best interchangeable bigs, not to mention rebounding, Looney has proven himself worth getting paid as a third big and sometimes starter. He also answered questions about his recurring health issues by appearing in all 82 regular-season games this season.

Looney still has offensive limitations that prevent him from getting the big bucks — he's non-threatening in the post and limited from the perimeter. (Although he'd let it rip at UCLA, that wasn't part of his pro identity.) With Golden State's money flowing freely, the Warriors will likely lock him in as their center for a few more years.

22. Cody Martin, SG, Charlotte, (restricted): $12,366,850

Birds of a feather with Brown and Anderson on top, Martin is another odd man out who probably isn't getting paid as much as BORD$ thinks he's worth due to questions about his offense.

That said, he did a lot to answer those questions in 2021-22, hitting 38.4 percent of his 3s (albeit at a low intensity) while being one of the Hornets' (only?) best defenders. He excels in transition, and while you wouldn't call him a true 3-and-D guy given his low snap volume, he's not far off.

Charlotte has luxury tax concerns that could leave it vulnerable to a competing offer for Martin, especially if the Hornets also pay Bridges and guarantee Kelly Oubre's deal. In real life, however, I don't see Martin's price being above the MLE, and it could drop significantly if teams don't believe his shooting numbers this season.

23. Anfernee Simons, PG, Portland (Limited): 11.467.484 $

That may be slightly lower than some would expect for Simons after his offensive exploits back thenDamian Lillardwas out of composition. In 30 games as a starter, Simons averaged 22.0 points per game on 60.0 percent true shooting. Since it's only turning 23 this summer, it looks like that elevator keeps going up as well.

BORD$ balances that production with the fact that Simons is still fairly limited as a distributor, and more importantly, he's been labeled as a devastatingly bad defensive player throughout his career. Maybe this last problem will improve. Simons is young and at 6-3 with decent athleticism, you'd think he could hit something close to average.

It seems a foregone conclusion that Portland will re-sign him and the only question is the price, which I believe will be well above the BORD$ listed.

24. Pat Connaughton, SG, Milwaukee (player option): $11,408,836

Connaughton is probably a fairly simple case, as he will almost certainly opt out of his early $5.7 million cap year and re-sign for something in that price range. The Bucks will have Bird's full rights and should be able to keep him if they're interested (and can afford the luxury tax burden on him and Portis), especially since competing offers are unlikely to exceed the non-taxable MLE.

25. Collin Sexton, SG, Cleveland (Limited): 10.816.788 $

Welcome to the most interesting free agent conversation of the summer. A restricted free agent in Cleveland, Sexton is young enough (23) to be instrumental in rebuilding teams with cap space. He's also a proven scorer, averaging 20.0 points per game and shooting 37.8 percent from 3 for his career.

And yet... Sexton's rating barely rises above mid-level exception for his other glaring failure here. Offensively, his scoring exploits haven't translated into big team results due to his rather severe limitations as a passer. Also, while he ranks high, his 55.0 career true shooting percentage is pretty paltry. Defensively, he's just... not very good. The most advanced analysis lists him as one of the worst in the league. not quite aligned with Simons orTrae Youngbut also not too far.

All of which makes it seem like Sexton would be the perfect sixth man to a Jamal Crawford/Jordan Clarksonkind of role and advocates paying it accordingly in the low to mid-teens. But that would be a step back from the current understanding of what it is. I'm fascinated to see where this ends up.

(Video) Board of Supervisors Meeting - April 25, 2023

(The top photo of himJames Hardento defendKyrie Irving: Eric Hartline / USA Today)


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Is Seth Curry a free agent next year? ›

Seth Curry

Seth will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason and will clearly be a target for a plethora of teams in need of an elite three-point shooter. Curry had a slightly down season for the Brooklyn Nets, with his 19.9 minutes per game the lowest since 2018-19.

Who is the most skilled point guard in NBA? ›

Nets' Kyrie Irving 'Most Skilled' PG in NBA History, Blazers' Chauncey Billups Says. Portland Trail Blazers head coach Chauncey Billups had some massive praise for Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving ahead of Monday's game between the two teams.

Who is strongest NBA player? ›

1. Wilt Chamberlain. Yes, Wilt may come from a different era but he's arguably the strongest NBA player ever.

Who is the best point guard in the NBA right now 2022? ›

Top 10 NBA point guards
  • Tyrese Haliburton.
  • James Harden.
  • Kyrie Irving.
  • Trae Young.
  • De'Aaron Fox.
  • Stephen Curry.
  • Damian Lillard.
  • Luka Doncic.
Mar 30, 2023

Who else is left in NBA free agency? ›

  • Udoka Azubuike (24)
  • Bismack Biyombo (31)
  • Thomas Bryant (26)
  • Willie Cauley-Stein (30)
  • Dewayne Dedmon (34)
  • Gorgui Dieng (33)
  • Drew Eubanks (26) What is this? Report Ad.
  • Taj Gibson (38)
3 days ago

What NBA players are number 1? ›

NBA's top 50 players in 2022-23 season: Giannis, Jokic, Luka battle for No. 1; LeBron slips out of top 10.

Is Jay Z an NBA agent? ›

Not only is Jay-Z a certified NBA agent, but MLB has also approved him as well, Rovell confirmed. It's fair to say that the icon lives the lifestyle of a real mogul.

Who are the top 5 NBA prospects? ›

2023 NBA Mock Draft 10.0: Cam Whitmore rising after NBA Combine
  • #1 San Antonio Spurs: Victor Wembanyama. ...
  • #2 Charlotte Hornets: Brandon Miller. ...
  • #3 Portland Trail Blazers: Scoot Henderson. ...
  • #4 Houston Rockets: Amen Thompson. ...
  • #5 Detroit Pistons: Cameron Whitmore. ...
  • #6 Orlando Magic: Ausar Thompson.

Who has the most accurate NBA projections? ›

– ACCURACY: DFSkey has the best NBA projection model that beats any other site's model by a wide margin. – ADAPTIVE PROJECTIONS: News is scanned every 5 minutes throughout the day so the projections rapidly respond to injuries. – SAVES YOU TIME: Smart filters help you narrow down players quickly.

Who will be the best NBA rookies? ›

NBA Rookie Rankings: Jalen Williams' game-winner saves Thunder; Keegan Murray breaks rookie 3-point record
  • Jalen Williams. OKC • SF • #8. PPG21.2. RPG4.8. APG4.0. ...
  • Keegan Murray. SAC • PF • #13. PPG18.7. RPG5.3. FG%46.7. ...
  • Shaedon Sharpe. POR • SG • #17. PPG23.8. RPG6.0. APG3.3. ...
  • Walker Kessler. UTA • C • #24. PPG16.3. RPG9.3. ...
  • Paolo Banchero.
Mar 30, 2023

What is the highest free agents contract? ›

Here are the largest free-agent contracts in MLB history
  • 1) Aaron Judge, Yankees: 9 years, $360 million (2023-31)
  • 2) Bryce Harper, Phillies: 13 years, $330 million (2019-31)
  • 3) Corey Seager, Rangers: 10 years, $325 million (2022-31)
  • 4) Gerrit Cole, Yankees: 9 years, $324 million (2020-28)

Who are the top free agents left in NFL? ›

There are some bargains left to be had.
  • Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson. BAL • QB • #8. ...
  • Jadeveon Clowney. Jadeveon Clowney. CLE • OLB • #90. ...
  • Rock Ya-Sin. Rock Ya-Sin. BAL • CB • #26. ...
  • Yannick Ngakoue. Yannick Ngakoue. ...
  • Dalton Risner. Dalton Risner. ...
  • Chris Wormley. Chris Wormley. ...
  • Matthew Ioannidis. Matthew Ioannidis. ...
  • Poona Ford. Poona Ford.
Apr 10, 2023

Who is the best defensive prospect in the NBA 2023? ›

Ausar Thompson is one of the best defensive prospects in the entire draft. He has the quickness and ability to defend ball-handlers at a high level while also switching onto forwards due to his size and length.

Who is the number 1 draft prospect for 2023? ›

Like Will Ashcroft last year – even though Aaron Cadman was ultimately taken by the Giants with Pick 1 – Reid (187cm) is viewed by recruiters as this year's clear top AFL draft prospect. And by some margin. Reid can play across any line — and win games from any line.

Who are the winners odds for NBA 2023? ›

  • NBA Championship 2023 - Outright Betting. Denver Nuggets. 1/8. Miami Heat. ...
  • NBA Finals Series Handicap. Denver Nuggets (-1.5) 1/3. ...
  • NBA Finals Alternate Series Handicaps. Denver Nuggets +1.5. 1/33. ...
  • NBA Finals Correct Score. Denver Nuggets 4-1. 17/10. ...
  • NBA Finals Exact Order. G1. DEN G2. ...
  • NBA Finals Total Games. 5 Games. 8/5.

Who are the Pistons pursuing in free agency? ›

Troy Weaver and the Detroit Pistons are going to have a busy summer.

Who is the Detroit Pistons new sponsor? ›

DETROIT, Oct. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In advance of the 2022-2023 professional basketball season Ally Financial Inc. (NYSE: ALLY) officially announced today a new partnership with the Detroit Pistons and a renewed partnership with the Charlotte Hornets.

Who sold the Pistons? ›

Channel 4 in Detroit is reporting that the Detroit pistons have been sold to billionaire equity investor Tom Gores. Forbes has valued the team at about $360 million dollars, including an entertainment and venue business.

What was Michael Jordan's salary? ›

James has made roughly $415 million in player salary over 20 NBA seasons, but he has been the league's highest-paid player only once during that time. Jordan had the top salary only twice and made a combined $90 million during 15 seasons.

What is the veteran minimum for free agents in the NBA? ›

The two-year veteran's minimum. When a team signs any player with two or more years of experience to a one-year contract, the team only pays that player the minimum for a second-year player. The NBA reimburses the team for the rest, and the difference does not count against the salary cap.

How much money is Stephen Curry worth? ›

Stephen Curry's net worth in 2023 is $160 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Who is the best NBA prospect 2022? ›

2022 Draft Prospects
Patrick Baldwin Jr.F20
Paolo BancheroF20
Dominick BarlowF20
MarJon BeauchampG22
14 more rows

Who has the biggest deal in the NBA 2022? ›

Warriors star Stephen Curry is on the books for $48.1 million in the 2022-23 season, making him the league's highest earner for the sixth straight season.

Who is available in this NBA offseason? ›

  • Bruce Brown (27) — $6.8M (Nuggets)
  • Jordan Clarkson (31) — $14.2M (Jazz)
  • Donte DiVincenzo (26) — $4.8M (Warriors)
  • James Harden (34) — $36M (Sixers)
  • Talen Horton-Tucker (23) — $11M (Jazz)
  • Victor Oladipo (30) — $9.5M (Heat)
  • Gary Trent Jr. ( 24) — $18.6M (Raptors)
2 days ago

Who is favourite for NBA 2022? ›

Celtics favored to win 2022-23 NBA Finals.

Who are the top 3 prospects NBA 2022? ›

Jabari Smith Jr., Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero and Jaden Ivey are the top prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft, but where do the rest of this year's potential draftees rank?

Who is richest NBA player? ›

1. Michael Jordan Net Worth - $2.2 Billion. Viewed by many as the greatest player in NBA history, Jordan has turned his basketball acumen into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. The six-time NBA Champion made over $90 million as a player and makes $130 million a year from Nike, as part of his iconic "Air Jordan" brand.

Who has the richest contract in NBA history? ›

Wilt Chamberlain has the most seasons leading the league with 8. Michael Jordan holds the largest 1 year contract in NBA history, Lebron James is the highest career earner and Stephen Curry is the highest season earner and is also the largest multi-year contract holder in NBA history.

Who has the biggest NFL contract? ›

Lamar Jackson finally has his deal with the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens and Jackson have agreed to terms on a five-year $260 million contract making him the highest-paid player in the NFL averaging $52 million-per-year.

How many players can a NBA team have in the offseason? ›

In the NBA, a team roster is comprised of 15 players during both the regular season and playoffs. However, during the offseason, the roster limit can increase to 20 players. Nevertheless, teams must trim their roster down to 15 players before the start of the new season.

What is the bird rule NBA? ›

The Larry Bird Rule is a stipulation in the National Basketball Association (NBA) collective bargaining agreement that allows teams to exceed their salary cap in order to re-sign their own free agents. It was instituted in the summer of 2005 and has been updated several times since then, most recently in 2017.

What is Jay Z favorite NBA team? ›

Brooklyn Nets - Jay-Z

One of the best rappers of all time, Jay-Z is well known for his love of the Brooklyn Nets and can often be seen courtside.

Who is #1 in the NBA? ›

Western Conference
1 Nuggets - w53.646
2 Grizzlies - sw51.622
3 Kings - p48.585
4 Suns - x45.549
8 more rows

Who is the best NBA team this year? ›

NBA Power Rankings 2022-23: Celtics Hold Off Bucks For First...
  • Boston Celtics.
  • Milwaukee Bucks.
  • Memphis Grizzlies.
  • Phoenix Suns.
  • Denver Nuggets.
  • Philadelphia 76ers.
  • Sacramento Kings.
  • Cleveland Cavaliers.
Apr 11, 2023


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