How to summon all bosses in Terraria (2023)

There are several bosses to fight in Terraria. Each of these bosses has a unique summoning requirement that you must meet if you plan on taking on them and if you plan on working your way through the entire game. You can choose to face them alone or with a group of friends. In this guide we will tell you how to summon all bosses in Terraria.

Summon all bosses in Terraria

There are three types of bosses that you can find in Terraria. Pre-Hardmode, Hardmode, and Event bosses.

All bosses in pre-hard mode

Cthulhu's brain

You have to use worm food or break three shadow orbs. You can craft Worm Food by finding 30 Vile Powder and 15 Rotten Chunk and taking them to a Demon or Crimson Altar. After creating it, you must proceed to the corruption part of the game and consume it. Otherwise it has no effect and does not summon the boss. Alternatively, you can find the three shadow orbs by visiting the levels of Corruption's Chasm.

world eater

You have to use worm food or break three shadow orbs. You can craft Worm Food by finding 30 Vile Powder and 15 Rotten Chunk and taking them to a Demon or Crimson Altar. After creating it, you must proceed to the corruption part of the game and consume it. Otherwise it has no effect and does not summon the boss. Alternatively, you can find the three shadow orbs by visiting the levels of Corruption's Chasm.

Eye of Cthulhu

The only way to summon the Eye of Cthulhu is to use the suspicious looking eye. You need six lenses to craft the item, and you need to craft it at a Demon or Crismon age. Alternatively, you can loot the item by looking in gold and frozen chests in the cave and dungeon, or in ivy chests in the jungle. Once you have the Eye, you must use it at night to summon the Eye of Cthulhu.

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slime king

You can only summon the Slime King with the Slime Crown. The only way to craft it is to use 20 Gel with a Gold Crown or a Platinum Crown and then do it on a Demon or Crimson Altar. Once you have the item, you can use it at any time to summon the monster.

queen bee

There are two methods to summon Queen Bee. The first is to craft the Abbemination and use it in the jungle biome. To craft the item, you must have with you a jar of bottled honey, five beehives, five blocks of honey, and a stinger. After that, you can prepare item by item. Alternatively, you can crack the queen bee larva found in a beehive in the jungle biome.


The Skeletron gives you access to every dungeon in the game, so it's essential. You can summon it by talking to the Old Man NPC at night. Talking to him at this point will activate a curse and summon the boss to your location. After defeating Skeletron once, you can summon him again by killing the Clothier, an NPC who sells vanity items for you, with the Clothier Voodoo Doll, and it's night.

wall of flesh

You can only summon the Wall of Flesh by throwing a voodoo doll of the Fuhrer, the first NPC near you at the start of the game, into lava. The leader must be alive at the moment you throw him into the flaming pit. To find the guide voodoo doll, you can eliminate the voodoo demons in the underworld.

Alles Hardcore-Bosse

Duque Fishron

To summon Duke Fishron you need to find a truffle worm in the glowing mushroom biome. So you should only catch it with a bug net. Once you catch it and catch it with this special net, use it as bait on your fishing rod in the ocean biome.

Empress of Light

You must find a Prismatic Lacewing to summon the Empress of Light. Before this creature appears, you must defeat Plantera. After that, you can find a Prismatic Lacewing in Surface Hallow from dusk to midnight, which you need to capture with a bug net. You can then release and kill the creature at any time in any biome to summon the Empress.

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The giant golem is only summoned with a Lihzahrd power cell at the Lihzahrd altar, which you can find in the jungle biome. Energy Cells can be dropped by Lihzahrd and flying creatures found in temples, or you can find one in the Lihzahrd's chest. You must first defeat Plantera before you can summon the golem.

Mad cultist

In order for the mad cultist to leave, you must first defeat the golem and then find the four cultists standing at the entrance to the Dungeon Mysterious Tablet. The crazy cultist will arrive after you kill these four cultists.

lord of the moon

There are two ways to invoke the Lord of the Moon. The first method is to destroy all four Celestial Pillars that appear in the Lunar Event, which begins after you defeat the Lunatic Cultist. They appear in four different locations on the map. The second method is to create a Celestial Sigil, which you can craft when you have 20 Sun Fragments, 20 Vortex Fragments, 20 Nebula Fragments, and 20 Stardust Fragments. Once you have all the ingredients, you can find an Ancient Manipulator Crafting Station to craft it. If you want to use Celestial Sigil, Lunar Events must not be active at the same time.


To summon Plantera you must destroy Plantera's Pear, which can be found after defeating The Shredder, The Twins, and Skeleton Prime. After defeating these three bosses, you can find the Plantera Bulbs in the Underground Jungle Biome and see the message "The Jungle Grows Restless" on your screen.

slime queen

You need to find gelatin crystals to summon the slime queen. These crystals can be found in Pearlstone or Pink Ice Blocks in Underground Hallow. You can use the gelatin crystal to summon the queen whenever you want.

Skeleton Prime

Skeletron Prime only spawns after consuming a mechanical skull at night. That doesn't work during the day. You can only craft this item on a Mithril or Orichalcum Anvil by using 30 Bones, 5 Iron Ingots, 3 Light Souls, and 3 Night Souls.

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The destroyer

As with Skeletron Prime, the only way to summon the Destroyer is to consume a Clockwork Worm at night. You must craft this item on a mithril or orichalcum anvil using six rotted chunks, any iron ingot, and six night souls, or six vortexes, five iron ingots, and six night souls.

The Twins

The Gemini will only come into your game if you use the Clockwork Eye at night. With three lenses, five iron ingots, and six light souls, you can craft this item on a mithril or orichalcum anvil.



Betsy appears during the final phase of the Ancient One's Army event during a Tier 3 event. To start the Ancient One's Army event, you must place an Eternia Crystal on the Eternia Crystal Stand. You can purchase an Eternia Crystal from Tavernkeep for 25 silver coins before defeating mechanical bosses (Skeletron Prime, The Destroyer, and the Twins), one gold coin after defeating mechanical bosses, or four gold coins after defeating the Golem.

Wizard of Darkness

The Dark Mage appears as the final boss of the Ancient One's Army when fighting him during the Tier 1 event. As mentioned above, in order to summon the Ancient One's Army, you must use the Eternia Crystal.

ever scream

Everscream appears during the Frostmoon event. To start the Frost Moon event, you need to use the Naughty Gift at night. You can craft the Naughty Present on a Mithril or Orichalcum Anvil by using 20 Silk, 5 Ectoplasm, and 5 Dread Souls.

Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman appears during the Pirate Invasion. You can initiate the pirate invasion with the pirate map, which can be dropped by enemies near the ocean biome in hard mode. Alternatively, the Pirate Invasion can take place when no other events are taking place, the Wall of Flesh has been defeated, at least one of the altars has been destroyed, and the player has at least 200 max health.

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ice queen

The Ice Queen is the final boss to appear during the Frost Moon event, which you can start by consuming the Naughty Gift at night.

disc of mars

The Martian Disc appears during the Martian Madness event. To start Martian Madness you must have defeated the Golem by finding a Mars Probe. These probes can spawn almost anywhere on the map after defeating the Golem, and if they escape the event will begin.

mourning wood

The Mourning Wood is a mini boss that you can encounter during the Pumpkin Moon event. You can start the Pumpkin Moon event after defeating Plantera and using the Pumpkin Moon Medallion at night. You will need 30 Gourds, 5 Ectoplasm, and 10 Holy Ingots to craft it and craft it on a Mithril or Orichalcum Anvil.


The Ogre is one of the bosses that you can encounter during the Army of the Ancients tier 2 event.


Pumpking will appear as the second or final boss during the Pumpkin Moon event.

Santa Claus-NK1

Santa-NK1 is a mini-boss that you can fight at night during the Frostmoon event with the naughty gift.

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Stardust, Solar, Vortex and Nebula Pillar

The Stardust, Solar, Vortex, and Nebula pillars appear on the map after defeating the Lunatic Cultist during Lunar Events. You can find each pillar in different parts of the map with unique planets in the background.


Can you spawn multiple bosses in Terraria? ›

During events, bosses and mini-bosses can appear multiple times and have no distinct spawn message.

How do you spawn bosses in Terraria? ›

Moon Lord. The final boss is a treasure trove of endgame items. You can summon him by defeating all four celestial towers from the lunar events, or using a Celestial Sigil. His total health is 145,000 and he's by far the most difficult Terraria boss you'll face.

What is the 1st boss in Terraria? ›

The Eye of Cthulhu is a pre-Hardmode boss. It is one of the first bosses a player may encounter, as it spawns automatically when a relatively early level of game advancement is achieved. It can also be summoned manually with the Suspicious Looking Eye at night (see Spawn below).

How do you get 11 summons in Terraria? ›

The max number of minions that can be summoned can be increased with certain armors and accessories. The max number of minions a player can summon at one time is 11, using Stardust Armor, Necromantic Scroll, Pygmy Necklace, Papyrus Scarab, Summoning Potion and Bewitching Table.

Is godly the best Terraria? ›

The best universal modifier is Godly or Demonic. The two modifiers only differ in knockback, a stat that is not considered very useful (or even beneficial) in many situations. The difference in knockback is also negligible enough that Godly and Demonic can be treated as the same modifier.

Is there a secret boss in Terraria? ›

4: How to Summon New Boss. Terraria's Labor of Love update adds a secret boss to the game, and this guide details exactly what players must do to fight it. There is a secret boss hiding in Terraria's Labor of Love update, and many players will undoubtedly be interested in going up against it.

What are the 2 new bosses in Terraria? ›

These new Terraria bosses are Empress of Light and Queen Slime, and while the Journey's End Changelog is quite extensive it does not disclose the location of these enemies. Fortunately, with just a bit of instruction players will be able to spawn the Terraria 1.4 bosses for themselves.

Can you have two of the same summons Terraria? ›

By default, a player can only have a single minion summoned at once. Various boosts can raise the player's minion capacity ("slots"), allowing multiple simultaneous minions.

Can you summon the moon Lord multiple times? ›

Yes you can summon him again. When you defeated the pillars they would have dropped celestial fragments, using 20 of each at an Ancient Manipulator (dropped by the Lunatic Cultist) will let you craft a Celestial Sigil. This can be used to summon the Moonlord.

What is the hardest boss to summon in Terraria? ›

1 Moon Lord

Moon Lord is the hardest boss undoubtedly within Terraria.


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