Psalm 105:19: "Until the time his word was fulfilled, the word of the Lord tested him."

Nehemiah 8:10: "Do not be depressed and sad, for the joy of the LORD is your strength!"

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We assume that our strength comes from the joy God gives us. Have you ever stopped wondering where this joy comes from? Joseph learned to be joyful in all situations because joy in the Lord was his strength. The wordHappinessused in Nehemiah is the wordChadotthat's really the word for pleasure. God's good pleasure is our strength. What does that mean? Psalm 105:19 gives us a clue.

Psalm 105:19 is a very curious reference to Joseph. Most commentators agree that this reference means that Joseph first had to go through several trials before the time came for Joseph to fulfill his life's purpose or mission, which was to become the Prime Minister of Egypt and thereby save his family. from famine in Egypt to bring safety to be tested by God.

This verse confirms two things Christians believe: that we were all created for a specific purpose in life and that God is leading us through tests or a spiritual boot camp, so to speak, to bring us to the point where we can complete our life. life purpose. or call.

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That thought alone makes this verse a very important verse for us. This gives us a biblical basis for saying that we were not placed on this earth at random, but that God placed us on this planet to fulfill a specific role. It also gives us a plausible reason why we go through the trials of life, and that is to provide a training ground to help prepare us to fulfill the role God has chosen for us.

The wordcourt hearingit's in hebrewTo knockand it is a very interesting Hebrew word to use in this passage. It's the word used torefine gold. At its Semitic root, it is based on the idea ofclean something. We see in this verse that it ismustof the Lord who purified Joseph. You would expect the author to use itdevarthese are words spoken from the heart in this context, and yet he uses the wordamarthat's just onespoken word, a proverb. Only the general words of the Lord purified Joseph's motives until it was time tomusthe came. Here we find the Hebrew worddevaror the word that isspoken from the heartGod's.Bomit represents a word of power, but it can also be a word of prophecy or inspiration.Bomit is written with a Daleth which is a gateway to the Beth or Heart of the Resh or Spirit of God.Devar is a gateway to the heart of God. 'amarit is written Aleph, which represents God

Revealing the meme or revealed knowledge of God through the Resh or Spirit of God. Therefore,'amarrefers to God revealed through the Holy Spirit.

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So the message I get from this verse is that when Joseph was young, adevarinsight into the heart of God. He received knowledge of God's intended purpose in his life. He knows that God took pleasure in itChadotin him. When Joseph was cleansed of all his impurities or selfish, self-centered motives, he could still feel it.devarthat joy which God had in him. God brought him through deep trials and stripped him of all his confidence in himself, so that when the time came to fulfill his purpose or role in life, he put his trust in God alone. But God usedamar,just as a simple revelation to remind him of God's duty, God's approval of him.

Joseph was smart enough to know that every trial, every difficulty he encountered on his long journey to deliver his people from starvation was indeed God.By the wayor 'amar (ing)for him. When he was thrown into the pit, he tried to understand what God was saying, or'amar, when he was sold into slavery, he sought 'love, God reminds him that he had a purpose.When he was falsely accused of rape, he searched for 'amar,to remind him that God was pleased with him. When he was thrown in jail, he seemed to have been given that'amarby God he was taught and trained for this highestdevarFulfilling God's purpose and bringing joy to God's heart. Every judgment he faced was simply God'amarshow him how to purify himself from all impurities so that he can be refined into pure gold before God and bring joy to God's heart.

How did Joseph manage to survive all these trials?you arethat God sent your way? Was it the knowledge that everything would eventually unfold in God's great plan? This Talmud teaches that whatever Joseph said or did, the name of Jehovah was on his lips. He did everything as for God. In everything he gave thanks to God. In doing so, even as he served in slavery and eventually prisonJoy of the Lord The joy that God felt in him was his strength.In other words, as he performed each task, he could feel God's good will. Just feeling God's pleasure, knowing that you are at the center of God's will, makes it all worth it. Recently, the media has brought to light how Christians are suffering horrible atrocities in countries where radical religious elements are causing these Christians to live in constant fear. We hear of Christians being tortured and killed for their faith in Jesus. What gives them their power? And the'loving Words of Godwho reminds you of themdevar, the wordsfrom the heart of God. When you hear this'Amar'sthey see themdevar, the heart of God, and they see God's good pleasure in them, God's pride in them, God's love for them, and the joy their faith and faithfulness bring to God's heart.

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See, the joy of the Lord is your strength. It's not the joy you feel, but the joy God feels in you and thus reveals to youdevarthat gives you strength. God took great pleasure in Joseph during his time ofczars, try. This feeling of pride and joy felt in the Lord gave Joseph strength to endure all his challenges.Zarps-Trails. Joseph may not have been very happy when he was falsely accused of rape or thrown into prison, but he knew that God was proud of him and pleased with his faithfulness, and that gave him the strength to persevere.

Every trial that comes our way as we face it with the name of God on our lips, as we endure it and realize this is it.'amarof God who introduced us, it will lead us to thatdevarheart of God, and when we enter into His heart we find Him rejoicing in us and our faithfulness. When we see the joy of the Lord, it becomes our strength to overcome.

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