Genshin Impact Paimon – Emergency Food or Unknown God? (2023)

Genshin Impact is a beautiful game full of vibrant worlds, vibrant characters and tons of lore. But a cornerstone of the popular role-playing game remains controversial among fans across the world - and, of course, this character isPaimon von Genshin Impacto. The childlike flying companion and tour guide delved into every facet of the game, with her high-pitched voice and obsession with food and treasure making her endearing to players and prompting many to mute the game's dialogue to get some relief.

However, despite his constant presence throughout the game, there is still much that is unknown.Paimon von Genshin Impacto, from its origin to its motives. This led to much speculation from fans, among many other things (including many players' dislike for them) -Paimon will you soon?Paimon is the Unknown God?? Will there ever be a realPaimon-Bosskampf? Grab your magnifying glass and whistle, Sherlocks, because we're diving deep into what we know about the game's strange mascot.

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Questions about Genshin Impact with Paimon

Questions with Paimon is a Genshin Impact event where you complete a quiz to win some cool goodies. The last Questions with Paimon event was in November 2021, but if you keep an eye on ourGenshin Impact EventsGuide, you'll know when the next one appears.

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Paimon de Genshin Impact Evil?

Many of you have asked if Paimon is evil, and with good reason. As hard as it is to imagine the squeaky-voiced, half-liter fey wielding any weapons or hatching any truly devious plans that don't involve food, there are a few details that raise our eyebrows.

Paimons Nome

First, there's her name. If you've seen Ari Aster's spooky horror drama Hereditary, you'll likely recognize Paimon as something other than a cute (and slightly annoying) ethereal being. In the ancient text Ars Goetia, Paimon is the ninth pillar and the most obedient king of hell to Lucifer, who is said to bring wealth and knowledge to his mortal followers (Paimon's business dealings and his obsession with Mora, anyone?). Also, Paimon from Genshin Impact wears a crown, which of course an underworld king would also wear.

The similarities don't end there either - the demon Paimon is said to be albino, which matches Genshin Impact Paimon's pale skin and white hair. While he's also rumored to have a deep, booming voice, that's clearly the opposite of our emergency food buddy-turned-buddy.

However, keep in mind that some of the archons in the game are named after demons - for example, the archon form ofVenti de Genshin Impactis known as Barbatos, who also appears in Ars Goetia as the Eighth Pillar and the Count and Grand Duke of Hell. Furthermore, different cultures have different relationships with the concept of demons - demonic and evil are not entirely synonymous in Eastern mythology.

There must be some significance in the fact that not only Paimon, but also Morax, Baal, Barbatos and others are names of demonic origin given to gods and archons in the game. Rather than implying that Paimon is evil, it might as well suggest that she is another god. But a god of what exactly?

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Paimon's backstory

There is also Paimon's mysterious backstory and unknown origin. Let's face it, it's a little weird how it goesGenshin Impact Travelermeets Paimon first - they fish her out of a lake, and both seem unsure of how they got together, only later putting it down to fate. After that, we learn very little about Paimon's origins, though she knows a lot about Teyvat. It is also hinted that in a series of throwaway dialogues during one of the Archons' quests, Paimon recalls a war that took place over 1,000 years ago, suggesting that she is in fact as old as some of the Archons themselves.

Also, how she can freeze and control time using the nifty clock feature in the menu is never explained, which could add more gravity to her being a goddess. Fans have also suggested that she may be the last living seal related to the Guiding Spirits we see floating around Teyvat. This is exemplified by their role as leaders, design, size, ability to fly and their obsession with treasure.

Paimon is the Unknown God?

Another big question floating around in the Genshin community is whether Paimon is the Unknown God. For those who don't remember, the Unknown God is responsible for separating the Traveler and his brothers at the beginning of the game and is considered the great evil of Genshin Impact due to his mysterious nature and menacing appearance.

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Paimon shares some unique visual traits with the Unknown God, the first being the geometric constellation patterns on the bottom of his scarf/cloak. The Unknown God also has them on his cloak, but instead of being blue and purple, they are dark red. Additionally, Paimon's hair accessory is reminiscent of the portal from which the unknown god appears in the opening sequence.

When the Traveler encounters the Unknown God for the first time, he will be in the Floating Pillars area - the same one that appears on the game's login screen. If you look at the pillars at the top and bottom here, you'll see golden crests similar to those on Paimon's clothes. Furthermore, the unknown god calls travelers "Strangers", meaning that she is from Teyvat, and it seems that Paimon, due to her rich knowledge of the land, does the same.

However, Paimon's and the Unknown God's magic are very different - with Paimons appearing as differently shaped stars, while the Unknown God's are uniform red cubes. Furthermore, the blue star pattern on Paimon's robe is generally associated with the Order of the Abyss, which is fundamentally opposed to the gods, and Paimon seems far more interested in food and treasure than upholding heavenly principles, which seem to be those of the unknown. god are central motive.

This presents a different theory - perhaps Paimon and the unknown god are not the same, but related somehow? Whether she comes from the power of the unknown god, a relative, or something else entirely remains to be seen, but it's certainly food for thought. We just hope that when traveling with Paimon, we don't inadvertently carry a surveillance camera with a direct connection to the unknown god.

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Genshin Impact Paimon – Emergency Food or Unknown God? (5)

Genshin Impact Paimon-Boss

The Genshin community stirred up a storm last year when a screenshot and short clip surfaced of what appeared to be a boss fight between Paimon and the Traveler. Unfortunately, the internet is good at spreading rumors without first checking the facts, and that's certainly what happened here - as the video is actually a fan edit. The end of the video says so, but it was edited out of the viral clip, leading many to believe it was a legit leak.

However, it's not out of the question that Traveler would face Paimon as the final boss, as those familiar with Black Desert Online should know. Paimon knows all of the Travelers' weaknesses, strengths, fighting styles, and more, so she'd be an undeniably tough opponent even though she's small - we still don't know what kind of power she possesses. Also, she probably harbors a deep rage for all the times we call her emergency food...

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But at the moment, there's no confirmation that Paimon has ulterior (or sinister) motives, and we think that's unlikely, as so much of the game revolves around our little flying companion - if she's evil, who would guide her through Paimon's Bargain Store? ? ? Who would help us skip time when we have to wait 12 in-game hours to complete a mission? It looks like a lot of work needs to be done to do this curveball justice.

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