Exploring Skellige - From Blandare to Fyresdal - Skellige - Walkthrough | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2023)

Important information in this area
Notes from street vendors
Small box people
Old key
Mysterious card
Old, yellowed letter
Silver key
Diagram: Griffin Steel Sword - Mastercrafted
Diary of a thief
Chart: Superior Wolves Armor

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Gwent players in this area
Botanist - Random card
Blacksmith - random card
Trader - Random card

Hidden Gem: Praise Freya (Level 4)

You've done everything there is to do in Blandare for now, it's time to get to Fyresdal! To the south you will find two lakes, a larger one to the north and a smaller one to the south. Head south along a road from the Blandare sign and, when you reach some forks, head south-east along a road that skirts the north end of the north lake.

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Follow the road southeast, hold Witcher Senses, and you'll see the white circles indicating enemies on the shore. Monsters that hunt in groups, that live near the coast? It can really only be one thing. Eventually you'll find another loot truck along the south side of the road, near which lies a corpse. Examine the corpse"Itinerant Notes"and one"Little Box People", then head south to the lake shore and kill a group of Drowned (level fifteen). When the Death Eaters are defeated, dive into the water to find a submerged chest, which you can now open.

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Treasure Hunt: X Marks the Spot (Level 12)

Speaking of keys and water boxes, head to the east end of the lake and look around for a junk house located east of the lake. Inside you will find a skeleton with a"Old Key"and one"Mysterious Map"I am working on it. Reading the letter starts the quest"X Marks the Spot", with which you can find a good way to the west, southeast of Fayrlund. Exit the hut and a Wraith (level seven) will challenge stealing your key, but unfortunately he's horribly out of date. It's not that hard to get this treasure, just go back to the Blandare sign and quickly return to Farylund and follow a road to the southwest, staying on that road until you hit a river, which you should head east follow until you find a waterfall . Leave the waterfall (don't forget to roll!) to find a chest under the waterfall, which you can now open with this key.

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Person(s) in danger (level 14)

Fast travel back to Blandare and follow the road south from the sign until you reach the fork again. Ignore the southeast path for now, as there's no need to return to the Hidden Treasure, even the one you looted, and take the southwest path instead. Along this road, which runs west of the larger of the two lakes, you'll find a "Person(s) in Peril" event. Kill a horde of bandits (level twelve to fourteen) unseen from the massive pirate camp along Velen's west coast and approach a captive herbalist to free him. He happens to live nearby (in the house just east of the People in Danger map marker, though he can often be found outside) and you can do business with him on subsequent visits. He doesn't sell anything very interesting, or offer big prizes, but you can get him to play Gwent with you.

Treasure Hunt: Legacy (Level 14)

The next destination in this winding quest to clear the map markers is to the west, over some low mountains. You can find a passable route over the mountain with a little determination and a lot of jumping (perhaps dispatching some Nekkers (level twelve) along the way)...or you can fast travel back to Fayrlund and head southeast, or if you don't , follow the road north from the Herbalist and turn northwest, southwest, then south around the mountain. Watch out for some Endrega drones (level twenty) and an armored Arachas (level twenty six) roaming the forest south of the road.

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Anyway, your goal is to reach the ruined village of Boxholm. North of the sign you will find a dead warrior and an equally dead bear. Loot the first one you get for an "Old, Yellowed Letter" and a "Golden Key", then read the letter to start the "Legacy" quest. Search the house west of the dead bear to find a half-buried chest, which if looted will complete this quest. Exit the house and search the west ridge, along the river, to find a rich chest waiting to be looted on a wooden porch.

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Griffin Steel Master Sword

Before you go, you can also get your hands on a great chart that requires almost no work to get. You know, the best kind. From the point of the bear-Skeliger fight, follow the road south to find the 'Boxholm' sign if you haven't already discovered it. From the 'Boxholm' sign, follow a path east through the ruins until you reach the now completely collapsed ruins of what must once have been an impressive stone building. The proudest remains of the edifice now consist of two ruined towers to the south. Loot the nearby barrels and packages, then head east, up a ladder, up a ledge, then turn north to see a chest chilling among some rubble. Inside you will find it"Chart: Griffin Steel Sword - Mastercrafted". To score.

Go back to the 'Boxholm' sign and then cross a bridge to reach the west side of the river, which you should follow south. Now you have quite a distance to travel, your destination is the village of Fyresdal on the south side of Ard Skellig. Along the way, you should spot a long-abandoned siege tower between a road running west of the river and the river itself. South of this siege tower you'll find a chest with some loot inside. Continue south along the nearby road and when it splits, head southeast and then south to reach Fyresdal.

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Go into town and talk to a Skelliger near the notice board to find the rogue you've encountered many times, who has wisely recovered and repaid you for your trouble. Looks like you made a neat profit out of it. Reasonable. Get the "Contract: Dragon" message from the notice board to start a mission of the same name... one you won't face yet. When you're done, explore south near the docks to find a merchant and a blacksmith, both playing Gwent.

To track down the cheater a second time50 XP / 200 crowns
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You can find a profitable treasure near an abandoned siege tower (left). Kill the bandits in a fortress to discover that your sword has escaped again (right).

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Monster Nest (Level 13)

Leave Fyresdal on a road heading southwest from the south side of town and continue until you reach a fork. At this fork, follow the eastern, less elevated of the two paths, which soon lead to a triangular fork. From here follow the road west and at another fork follow the road southwest to reach a fortress.

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Enter the fortress through an open gate on the northeast side of the building and kill some Renegades (level fourteen and fifteen), looting them to gain another"The Thief's Journal". Read the journal and discover that your knife has escaped again... but on the plus side, the new location provides an excuse to explore the northeastern parts of the island. There's also a harpy's nest here that you can destroy while it's unattended. However, if you want to give the flying menaces a fighting chance, leave the fortress and rest for a while and the Harpies (level thirteen) will arrive. Kill them, bomb their nest, then loot it.

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Before you leave, there's some nice loot to grab if you're feeling adventurous. Search the north end of the fort to find a collapsed tent, behind which are some sticks. Climb over these sticks and use their height to jump onto the fortress wall, which you must then follow clockwise to find a chest containing the"Chart: Superior Wolves Armor". Busy fortress, this one.

For the destruction of the Monster's Nest20 XP

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How many points of interest are there in Skellige? ›

The Skellige Archipelago offers a total of nine Places of Power. They are relatively easy to discover and reach, most are only lightly guarded or not at all.

Where is Fyresdal Witcher 3? ›

Fyresdal is a village located on the southern shore of Ard Skellig under Snow Giant's Arm. The elders of this village claimed to have seen a dragon but upon further investigation with the help of a certain witcher, it was discovered that it was only a very large and powerful Forktail.

What level should I be to head to Skellige? ›

Destination: Skellige is a main quest that starts in Novigrad, but ends in Skellige. You may start this quest anytime after “Imperial Audience.” It is suggested that you be at least level 17 before starting the quest.

Who is the best person to rule Skellige? ›

Geralt's actions throughout this series of quests will ultimately influence who Skellige's new ruler will be, and this, in turn, influences the main game's ending. For many reasons, Cerys appears to be the best option.

Do you have to sleep with Shani Witcher 3? ›

Walkthrough. After Vlodimir is sent back to the realm of the dead, you can now choose whether to stay and talk with Shani or leave the wedding. If you wish to romance her, you can do so without it affecting any relationship you may have going on with Yennefer or Triss.

Where do I get Geralt of Rivia in Gwent? ›

Geralt of Rivia

Geralt's hero card can be acquired during the Gwent quest Old Pals from Thaler at the Seven Cats Inn near Novigrad.

Where is Yennefer after Skellige? ›

She should be in Kaer Trolde, in the room she has rented at the Inn. If you already went to get UMA, then she is at Kaer Mohren.

Who should I pick to rule Skellige? ›

Cerys, if you want to reach a hidden place of power, also her path is the best one. Cerys, level headed and diplomatic, that's why I chose her. Hjalmar's skills are more suited to an enforcer role, a darth vader to Cerys' emperor. Don't let anyone make the choice for you though, get the info and make your decision.

What quests should I do before going to Skellige? ›

Before progressing in the story on Skellige, a quest is available from one of the island nation's jarls, a man by the name of Madman Lugos. His son, Blueboy Lugos, is one of the contenders for the next king of Skellige, and has set off to the fabled Cave of Dreams in order to prove his worth.

What is the best sword in Skellige? ›

The best of the best would be the Grandmaster Ursine Swords, but those aren't available to you until you get the DLC, Blood and Wine. They're all upgradable, and you can find the first set of Bear School weapons in Skellige, north of Urialla Harbor.

Does the guy in Skellige pay you back? ›

Trust that he'll eventually repay you, with interest. If you choose this option, you will indeed get your money (plus interest) later when you meet Johann again in Fyresdal village.

What level is the Griffin in Skellige? ›

It's for lvl 48 and involves scouting the area after you click a corpse inside the nest, but the real challenge is to kill the ArchGriffin first. There are probably a number of ways to do it.

What is the best outcome for Skellige Most Wanted? ›

The best-case scenario is to try and prove that Geralt is an honorable Witcher and show that he's helped monsters in the past. This way, he will only need to fight and kill the vengeful werewolf.

Does sleeping with Shani affect Triss? ›

Romancing Shani has no impact on the rest of the game and the other romance options that Geralt can pursue.

Does it affect Yennefer if you romance Shani? ›

While the romance seems to have more depth than some of the other one-night stands, this relationship is similar to Kiera's in that it will not affect your outcome with Yennefer or Triss. Though it seems that even TV Geralt prefers Yennefer, Shani's romance is a well-deserved distraction for a world-weary witcher.

Can you sleep with Abigail Witcher? ›

The witch is cornered/dead - Speak to Abigail in the cave. If you will sleep with her, you will have no possibility to allign yourself with villagers against her. Best options are to either negate her and pass judgement without ever touching her, or fully supporting her and bedding her.

Can you play Yennefer in Gwent? ›

Yennefer of Vengerberg is a neutral ranged combat gwent hero card in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Where is Geralt's second sword? ›

Geralt's second sword, made of silver, disappears and reappears throughout The Witcher novels, but for the most part the blade is carried by his horse, Roach, throughout Geralt's travels across The Continent - not on Geralt's back.

How do you get Geralt to Ciri? ›

Ciri meets Geralt for the first time after wandering into a dangerous forest as a child. She's almost killed by a giant centipede, but Geralt slays the monster, rescues her, and returns her to Cintra. It's not until after the fall of Cintra that Geralt takes Ciri under his wing for good.

How do you sleep with Yennefer in Skellige? ›

Beginning The Romance On Skellige

When prompted for a choice, choose to kiss Yennefer, and she will teleport the two of them away. Yennefer will need to repair her dress, so ask to watch when she does, prompting the first romance scene between the two.

What happens if you tell Yennefer you don't love her? ›

Disagree, telling her you don't want to be with her any more. Yennefer is shocked, and you agree to a more formal friendship instead of romance. Spoiler: if you chose to romance Triss during Now or Never, and you chose to romance Yennefer during this quest, you will lose them both.

Does Yennefer get old? ›

She is only 13 years old when she graduates as a sorceress from Aretuza after three years of studies. However, as mages can halt their aging, Yennefer is actually 75 when she meets Geralt of Rivia for the very first time in 1248, which may surprise fans of the Netflix show.

Are points of interest worth it in Skellige? ›

Most of the Points of interest in the sea of Skellige are only worth it if you want the crowns, you will easily make around 60~70k in skellige alone (maybe more if you search for a good merchant to sell your stuff to).

How many signposts are there in Skellige? ›

Signposts. There are 10 signposts in White Orchard, 97 signposts in the regions of Velen and Novigrad, 55 signposts on the Skellige Isles, 5 in Kaer Morhen valley and 46 in Toussaint.

Are all the question marks in Skellige worth it? ›

It's totally up to you. You won't miss anything if you don't do the ones out in the ocean. Originally posted by whoeverxwins: I explored all the ? on land, but in Skellige, all those in the water are smuggler's caches.

Should I go to Novigrad before Skellige? ›

Don't bother going back. When you reach a certain point in the Skellige main quest the conversation will just show you need to complete your investigation in Novigrad so you can go there then. The main quest will not progress beyond a certain point without you doing so.

Is Velen bigger than Skellige? ›

Velen is the biggest with the most missions, Novigrad is the big city with most of the characters you know and love, Skellige is a Big chunk of Wild and Water. Which one of these 3 did you like best?

What quests to do in Skellige? ›

Skellige Isles Side Quests
  • A Hallowed Horn.
  • An Unpaid Debt.
  • Black Pearl.
  • Brothers in Arms: Skellige.
  • Contract: Dragon.
  • Contract: Here Comes the Groom.
  • Contract: Muire D'yaeblen.
  • Contract: Strange Beast.

Is Ciri in Skellige? ›

The Mysterious elf and an unconcious Ciri appear on Skellige, with Skjall being witness to the event. The Mysterious elf will ask for his help and then tell Ciri where they will meet next before he departs. Ciri will now awake and start talking with Skjall.

What is the most beautiful place in Skellige? ›

1 Skellige

Snow-capped mountains, remote islands, high up buildings in the sky — it has everything. It seems to be mainly based on northern Europe, such as Norway (even though the accents of the natives are inexplicably Irish), and it's easily the most beautiful place Geralt visits.

How to get 1,000 coins to go to Skellige? ›

Unlimited Money Exploit
  1. Step 1: Go to the merchant at Hierarch Square in Novigrad. ...
  2. Step 2: Go to the armorer right next to the merchant. ...
  3. Step 3: Sell the pearls to the armorer until he runs out of money.
  4. Step 4: Meditate for 5 days and the armorer will have roughly 1000 coins again. ...
  5. Step 5: Repeat.

Should I use the Skellige deck? ›

The excellent card game is still as addictive as always. And the Skellige Deck is one of the most fun to use when playing against the game's various innkeepers and supporting characters. However, players who want to win much more often than they lose will need as many great cards as possible.


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