15 People About Their Experiences With The "Sleep Paralysis Demon" (2023)

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VonChrissy Stockton

If you've ever woken up and couldn't move and/or saw some sort of dark figure in your room, chances are you've seen Dr. Google consulted and found outsleep paralysisand "Witch Witch Syndrome." Although if there really was a demon attacking you in your sleep, a great cover would be convincing the general public that it's all in their heads... Here are some true stories posted by people onask reddit. Decide for yourself if you believe.

1. “Something whispered in my ear.

I've never had any visual encounters, but the first time it happened I was lying on my left side and I started to feel this pressure in my chest. Realizing that I was paralyzed and in a panic, something whispered in my ear, "I just came to say good night." At that moment, I felt something push me towards the edge of the bed. Terrible shit.

2.Cats, penguins and a shadow man, oh my!

I have had 3 episodes of sleep paralysis in my life.

I saw a shadowy cat-sized creature at the foot of my bed and it slowly crawled across my sheets and finally onto my chest. I felt uncomfortable.

On another occasion I saw a shadowy man walking through my room and disappearing behind my open door. That was the scariest thing I've ever had.

This was the best. I saw some surreal looking penguins walking around my room. It was fun and fun.

3.It takes extreme effort to wake up.

I have this regularly, but mostly when I'm napping, not when I go to bed at night. I have never experienced the "demon", but the experience is terrifying. I can see everything (or so it seems) but I can't move. I feel like I'll be stuck like this forever if I don't make an effort to move. Usually I have to start by wiggling a toe or finger and then maintain that momentum until I'm fully awake. It's extremely exhausting and if I don't keep up the constant effort, I have to start all over again.

4."I have a few different ones."

I have a few different "sleep paralysis demons" and a kind of "sleep paralysis guardian angel". The demons are the usual shadowy figures standing above me or by my bedroom door. The worst was when I was lying on my side with my back to the door and I felt like someone had gotten into bed behind me. under the covers and put his arm around my waist. Then I felt as if they were snuggling against me and I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. I felt like they hugged me for about half an hour. The whole time I'm trying not to show that I'm panicking because it feels like I'm being hugged by a clawed skeleton. It was only the second, maybe third time I've had sleep paralysis, so I almost had a heart attack when I felt this thing about to reach out to kiss behind my ear. Worst of all, he whispered, "Not yet. You're not ready yet. I'll be back when you are." He sounded disappointed and excited to me. It felt like he was silently telling me that if he died it meant he'd be back. It scared me to death.

My "sleep paralysis guardian angel" had a strange experience. At this point, he had had sleep paralysis on and off for about 18 months, so he could usually tell right away when it happened. At first I thought it was the usual demonic things by my bed, but when I looked properly I noticed that I could clearly see a man kneeling by my bed and smiling at me. It wasn't a creepy smile. More like a father coming to check on his son. He looked like he was dressed in a 1950s style suit and hat. He didn't say anything. Although I felt like he was letting me know that everything was okay and he would take care of me.

5.It was the best experience of his life.

My mother once told me that when she was younger her room was lit up and a pair of white and gold men would sit at the foot of her bed playing music. One had a guitar and the other some kind of wind instrument. My mother said that she felt so much joy and peace that she never wanted them to go away. But when she finally managed to move her head, she heard one say to the other: "She's waking up. It's time for us to go." Then they disappeared.

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6.Lots of terrible things.

Before I learned how to deal with it, I saw some terrible things. Horror movies don't really bother me anymore because I've seen the scariest thing I've ever seen. Here are some things I remember off the top of my head:

A girl in the corner of my room looking at me. Then without warning she screeches and runs at me and starts choking me.

A tall, dark figure, some sort of human silhouette, appeared at the foot of my bed and stared at me.

Something was banging and scraping on my bedroom door. I keep it closed at night because I've had a few where it opens by itself. EDIT: No, the door is not open when I wake up. It only opens in dreams.

The door to my room opened by itself, followed by dark figures who entered my room.

The earliest I can remember is with my mom in the room and she's sitting on my bed, her face turning into something demonic.

Much others.

The worst is when you try to fight or ask for help. Your voice doesn't work and your body doesn't respond. You just feel powerless. Ugh, I have to stop trying to remember these things. Give me chills.

7.hundreds of experiences

I have experienced sleep paralysis literally hundreds of times. To me, it's usually a sleek, black alien-type creature about three feet tall, though I've seen a Grim Reaper-type figure as well. I'm not prone to auditory hallucinations, so closing my eyes negates the entire experience (except for the actual feeling of paralysis).

8."He's going to get me!"

I've gotten mine so many times I don't even freak out anymore. It's still scary, but not as scary as before. The first hallucinations were terrible:

A small creature eating something on my floor. blink Now he's right next to my face, chewing on something and whispering, "Do you remember me?"

An old lady stood over my head and whispered "Honey..." I told my mom and she asked me if I thought she was my late grandmother. no it was evil

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Hallucinations are always bad. Even though I can't see anything, there is an overwhelming presence in the room and it is always evil. I can not move. I'm stuck. Evil draws me deeper and deeper. I can't scream for help. I can only breathe heavily as fast as possible. Hoping someone will hear me breathe so hard and shake me. I try to move a finger. Come fingers! Why don't you move in?! It's going to get me!

9.He got old before me.

The first and only time I saw someone transform was from dream to reality. I dreamed, it was that pleasant dream about a person you really like, a crush. Then I realized that I was dreaming, so it became a lucid dream. And suddenly I opened my eyes and the face aged like in the Indiana Jones movie when she drinks from the wrong grail, it also darkened and the lush environment around her became black, dark, it was my room in the dark, and above me the face of this old woman, similar to the image that I have shown. And at the top I couldn't move, I felt pressure on my chest and I was aging before me.

10They laugh at me.

Mine are much nastier than that and are not usually on my body. My last experience was a demon in the corner of my room (behind me where I couldn't see anything) speaking gibberish.

Other times it's things coming at me in a very Jacob's Ladder style, in that they're moving almost at hyperspeed but they're very slow and their legs don't match their movements. If it's not a demon, it's often someone I know, but it's possessed. often laughs at me.

11someone saved me

One night while trying to sleep my arm fell through the bed. Obviously my physical arm was still on the bed. Usually I just raise my arm when this happens, but this time I was curious. How long would it take? So I started waving my arm and my shoulder slid. That was new and exciting. I moved my fingers, moved my arm some more and got bold.

I consciously tried to push my head through the bed. It worked. But what I saw was nothing. I'm not saying that I couldn't see anything, but it was as if something in that place was really nothing. I must sound totally crazy now.

However, I could feel that there was something there. Further away. Since my fear was zero at this point and my curiosity uncontrollable, I threw caution to the wind and tried to get as close as possible to what I could feel there.

Big mistake. My leg slipped. The rest of my torso slid away. My other arm slipped and my hips began to give out. At the last moment, with just my left leg attached and ready to go, I somehow realized that what I was looking for was NOT my thing and I wanted to interact with it. There was fear. Of an intensity that matches my anger during sleep paralysis. Fear like I had never experienced before. At this point I tried to withdraw but there was nothing I could do. I tried to swing my leg up to hit my body, but it was straight down. like dragged into the void. My other knee slipped, nothing but my ankle down and part of my left hip holding me up at that point.

I was pretty sure I'd be leaving in a moment. Whatever that means.

In that last second, something reached in, grabbed my shoulder, and yanked me up. Like nothing. I can't really explain that either. His hand felt steady. Powerful. As if it were in its natural habitat. He lifted me up with all the difficulty of lifting a cotton ball. I bounced back to my body with a sense of finality. Like saying, "There's no way I'm going to let you fall for THAT."


I heard the back door being forced open. To lie on the sofa. I can't move. I hear hurried footsteps on the linoleum in the kitchen, then on the wood in the dining room, and I go to my seat in the living room. I can't move, I can't even scream. Being able to regain consciousness at the last possible moment before I am likely to suffocate (sleep apnea). It happens 50 to 70 percent of the time that I pass out drunk on the couch. 100% when my back is turned.

I know that one day I will die like this. Not from an actual invader, but from dreaming of my end and then realizing it as he suffocated me. The nightmares I'm having from sleep apnea are driving me crazy.

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13A black...

This happens to me when I'm too tired, especially when I'm taking a nap. It always depends on what dream I'm having: I'll "wake up" unable to move but with intense pressure on my body that feels almost good but is scary because I can't control what's in front of me. Whatever I dreamed is projected in my room, for example: my mother talking to me, once she was a black child (that was scary), usually just different people or "demons" as you call them. I wake up and go back to sleep, then it happens again for a few seconds, and finally after several times I wake up completely in a panic.


There's a giant Egyptian scarab looking over my head and telling me it can't wait to taste my rotten meat. It will then describe how it would eat me (think Forrest Gump and Shrimp), and then it will transform into several hundred/thousand smaller versions of beetles and slide through cracks in the walls. The buzz is very loud.

15.Confirmation successful.

I never realized I had experienced this until I started looking around here. The worst experience I had was with an evil creature. Red and black with huge teeth sitting on me. It felt like I was suffocating. He just kept pressing on my chest and I was scared. I couldn't move or scream. What made it really bad is that after I got up, my husband woke up with a start and he told me that something had been pressing on his chest and was trying to kill him.15 People About Their Experiences With The "Sleep Paralysis Demon" (3)

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